Clayton Echard gets dragged as The Bachelor viewers react to Shanae’s antics, Serene’s date and dog-lover Gabby

Clayton Echard
The latest episode of The Bachelor had viewers feeling some kind of way and they expressed themselves with memes. Pic credit: ABC

Episode 5 of The Bachelor was definitely one for the books as Shanae acted out again and the women banded together to tell Clayton Echard all about her bad deeds.

But after a quick chat with Shanae and her incredibly insincere apology to the rest of the group, viewers took to Twitter to roast pretty much every aspect of the show, including Clayton’s terrible decision making, the group’s “international travel” and Clayton’s new key phrase, which he seemingly stole right off the lips of the last Bachelor lead, Matt James.

As viewers watch any season of The Bachelor, but especially Clayton’s season, it seems the memes, tweets, and humor just keep on coming.

The Bachelor goes ‘international’

The Bachelor viewers found humor in the girls being told to get ready because they were going international… to Toronto.

International? Toronto? Toronto is in Canada, which is part of North America and borders the United States of America. Is that really international??

After all, Toronto is just over a six-hour drive from Nemacolin, where The Bachelor filming begins.

Serene Russell wonders how they got an amusement park all to themselves

The Bachelor viewers also made jokes when Serene Russell gushed about her one-on-one date with Clayton and the fact that they were the only two people at the entire amusement park.

Serene was interviewed saying that no one has ever shut down an entire park for her before. Viewers noted that Clayton very clearly did not shut down the pier through his own means and that the grand gesture was done by production, with one tweet joking that the Bachelor interns deserve credit.

Clayton’s phrase of the show: Thanks for sharing

The following Tweet showed Clayton on the evening portion of his date with Serene, and the wording said, “Thanks for sharing.” This seems to be a common phrase that Clayton has said to every woman who has revealed something personal from her past with him.

It’s almost becoming cliché at this point and you’d think Clayton might learn a thing or two from past Bachelor leads, especially Matt James, who used that same phrase after one of his contestants admitted she was falling in love.

The women are falling in love with Clayton… and fast

How many women in the history of The Bachelor have fallen in love with the leading man after a short amount of time? A lot of them.

But this season, we’ve been watching a ton of drama involving Shanae and very little actual romance. How is anyone falling in love?

Shanae tossing the trophy is bigger than her bullying?

Shanae has created plenty of drama all season long but Clayton Echard seems enamored with her. Even after multiple women have complained about her shady behavior, Clayton keeps giving her chances. He even let Shanae apologize again and he’s already responded after watching this latest episode, proclaiming, “Lock her up!”

It did seem like, as the women told Clayton that Shanae threw the trophy, that was a bigger deal to him than the bullying of the other women.

One Twitter user wanted to remind Clayton that the trophy throwing on the show is a big red flag. Here’s what could happen if he picks her in the end.

Sierra’s parting words made Bachelor Nation crack up

As Sierra Jackson was eliminated on last night’s episode, she told Clayton goodbye, gave him a hug, and told him “don’t be stupid.” Classic, Sierra, as everyone in Bachelor Nation who was watching the show, cracked up laughing.

Sierra earned herself a spot in the hearts of many The Bachelor viewers after she called Clayton out. Don’t be surprised if we see her again, possibly in Paradise.

Gabby and Clayton show their silly side on their one-on-one

On Gabby and Clayton’s one-on-one date, Gabby showed off her silly side during much of the day date. In fact, she was seen lying on the ground as she pet a dog and let the dog lay on her and jump on her.

It seems that Gabby’s love of dogs is winning her over in the hearts of The Bachelor viewers.

Shanae is ruining the dynamic of the house and show

The biggest takeaway from the latest episode of The Bachelor is that Shanae is trouble. The other women in the house are doing a great job of coming together and bonding. But not the biggest Bachelor villain of the season. There could be harmony in the Bachelor mansion but Shanae has ruined that for weeks.

As we get deeper into The Bachelor season, Clayton Echard is making it really easy to create tons of funny memes. After all, he’s not been the best judge of character and he’s not listening to the ladies he is surrounded by.

We’ll have to keep watching and see if Clayton can turn it all around or if he’ll end up on a list somewhere of the worst Bachelor leads in the history of the show.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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