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The Bachelor spoilers: Shanae’s toxicity continues, one woman likens her to a ‘herpes outbreak’

Shanae Ankney
The Shanae show continues on next week’s episode of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

In next week’s show, Episode 5 of The Bachelor, Shanae Ankney again makes herself known and continues to have no confidence issues. She is still vying for Clayton’s heart after Elizabeth was eliminated instead of her on last week’s episode.

According to the preview video for next week’s episode, as the contestants and Clayton travel to Ontario, it looks as if there is one group date, a one-on-one, and then a two-on-one.

Guess who is on that two-on-one? That’s right…none other than the two girls who have been going at it since Elizabeth was sent home…Shanae and Genevieve Parisi.

Shanae Ankney and Genevieve Parisi get the two-on-one date with Clayton

Shanae can be seen by herself as she tells the cameras, “It’s like me against 14 other women. He’s mine. Sorry, but not sorry, b*****s.” She then flashes an upside-down peace sign to signify a mic drop.

The video then goes to the room full of women as Gabby proceeds to read the date card that had come in. She recites it aloud, and it says, “Shanae and Genevieve—only 1 comes out with a rose.”

You can see the realization on Genevieve’s face as she understands what this means, and Shanae gives a deep exhale on screen.

What are the other women in the house saying about Shanae?

As the other girls are talking, Genevieve states, “Shanae is toxic,” and Susie talks to Rachel in the house, saying, “I can’t imagine going on a date with her,” as she speaks about Shanae.

As Shanae and Genevieve sit in the vehicle together on the way to their two-on-one, they sit away from each, each facing their own window, with somber looks on their faces.

During the date, it appears that Clayton again has to step away from two girls as he stands in an open field, looking away from the camera, holding the rose. He has his arms crossed and his head down as he claims, “My head is spinning right now.”

Looking at the spoiler preview, Gabby Windey receives the one-on-one date, and the other girls go on the group date to do some of their own creative readings.

Marlena Wesh’s reading on the group date roasts Shanae

On this date, Marlena gets up and reads hers, saying with a smile on her face and fans can infer talking about Shanae, “She’s like a herpes outbreak…No matter how hard you try to get rid of her, she keeps coming back.” Looks like the past Olympian has tuned in to her poetic side.

The other girls in the group are dying of laughter and also in disbelief that Marlena has written this. Even Clayton turns his head and gives an “Ooooo” in response to Marlena’s words.

What will Clayton end up doing on Monday’s episode?

Who will Clayton send home on the two-on-one, Shanae or Genevieve? Will Shanae survive another week? Will Genevieve get the same treatment as Elizabeth did? What did Clayton truly think about Marlena’s reading on the group date? Watch this upcoming Monday to find out the answers to these pending questions.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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