The Bachelor: Shanae compares Elizabeth to Cruella de Vil

Elizabeth Corrigan
Elizabeth Corrigan is referred to as Cruella de Vil by the villain, Shanae. Pic credit: ABC

The Instagram posts between Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan continue to make headlines in Bachelor Nation. If you remember, in this past Monday’s episode, Elizabeth and Shanae were taken outside by Clayton to try to work out their issues.

However, after the intervention went wrong, Shanae had a few choice words to say about Elizabeth in her on-camera interview. She noted that Elizabeth looked like Cruella de Vil in her strapless black dress and dressy jacket (that she took on and off, or wore around her shoulders), with her blonde hair, and silver earrings; therefore, she emphasized that Elizabeth was dressed in black, gray, and white/blonde, just like Cruella.

What is going viral now between Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan on The Bachelor?

Elizabeth reposted a video, caption, and parts of last Monday’s episode, Episode 4 of Clayton Echard’s season, to show in response to when Shanae referred to Elizabeth as Cruella de Vil. They even put music to the video, Call me Cruella, by Florence + The Machine.

The caption that was used for the video post was, in fact, a bash toward Shanae as it stated, “Someone must not have seen the new Disney movie because Cruella is a bad a**.” This came in response to Shanae’s interview in the last episode where she compared Elizabeth to Cruella because of her personality and the dress and jacket she had on.

Fans compare Elizabeth to Cruella as a fashion icon and not in a negative light like Shanae did

The Instagram user then tagged Elizabeth after the post, as well as hash-tagged The Bachelor, Bachelor Nation, Bachelor memes, and Cruella de Vil. The headline on the video says, “Cruella was a misunderstood fashion icon.”

Elizabeth not only reposted this, but she then commented on the viewer’s post and exclaimed, “I’m ded” followed by three skull heads, and then right after, “This was too good not to repost.”

Other Bachelor fans took to commenting as well, as one supported Elizabeth with a comment, “All love for Elizabeth” with a fire emoji and red heart.

Another viewer posted, to add a laugh regarding the Cruella comment, “The Emma stone version is so good.”

Screenshot of Cruella comments
Pic credit: @ecorrigan5280/Instagram

Elizabeth finds the humor in all of this with Shanae

Elizabeth clapped back in her own interview as she asked, “Like, what is happening in that brain of hers? What’s happening in there? It sounds like a scary place.” This came after Shanae told Elizabeth in front of Clayton that Elizabeth made her uncomfortable in the house.

At least Elizabeth can now find the humor in some of this nonsense that she went through and the torment that Shanae put her through the past few weeks. Elizabeth has continued to take the high road; whereas, Shanae has yet to publicly apologize to anyone.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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