Clay Honeycutt from Big Brother 17 got married to Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Ashley Prochazka

Clay On BB17
Clay Honeycutt was part of the Big Brother 17 cast during summer 2015. Pic credit: CBS

Clay Honeycutt from Big Brother 17 is now married. His bride is Ashley Prochazka, who is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

The couple recently exchanged their vows at a Texas wedding and Clay has now shared a beautiful picture from the event on his Instagram page.

Clay appeared as part of the BB17 cast, while Ashley was seen on the CMT reality show, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

The reality couple met back in 2017 and Clay proposed to her in March of 2020. Now, they are happily married and letting everyone know about it.

Clay on Big Brother 17

When the Big Brother 17 season got started, it looked like Clay Honeycutt was on the right track to possibly win the show. The 23-year-old graduate student from Texas was playing the game really well, even though he was also becoming a target.

Clay was also in the perfect alliance due to his showmance with Shelli Poole. That alliance ended up being his undoing, though, when the couple was nominated by Head of Household James Huling in Week 6.

Clay asked to be voted out of the house so that he could save Shelli and the house obliged by sending him home right before the BB17 jury started to form. Shelli was voted out at the very next Eviction Ceremony and went straight to the jury house.

When fans think back to the BB17 cast, people like Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole often get glossed over due to the twist that was happening under their noses. Julia Nolan and Liz Nolan were part of a twin twist where they played as one person.

The BB17 cast also included wrestler Austin Matelson, professional poker player Vanessa Rousso, and dentist John McGuire (Johnny Mac). And those were just the people in contention to win. Da’Vonne Rogers, Jason Roy, and Meg Maley were in the fold as well.

At the B17 season finale, Steve Moses beat out Liz Nolan to become the Big Brother 17 winner.

Clay and Ashley get married

Ashley was on Season 9 of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and fans of the show might recognize her from the image below.

Clay and Ashley met two years after that and recently got married. Below is an image that Clay just shared on his Instagram account of the beautiful couple.

He captioned the photo by simply placing a heart on it.


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A post shared by Clay Honeycutt (@_clayhoneycutt)

The couple also shared a quick wedding video on Instagram. When Clay shared it, he wrote the caption, “You’re stuck now @_ashleyhoney.”


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A post shared by Clay Honeycutt (@_clayhoneycutt)

More Big Brother news

Some more huge news was just revealed in the world of Big Brother. Victor Arroyo and Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel are expecting a baby this summer. They too met through the world of reality television.

And as for the next season of the hit CBS show, Big Brother 23 will air this summer. The production team is already hard at work putting together the BB23 cast, but applications are still open for hopeful fans.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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