Claudia Jordan reminds RHOA fans of that classic NeNe Leakes read as they feud again over Cynthia Bailey’s wedding 

Claudia Jordan
Claudia Jordan takes aim at NeNe Leakes. Pic credit:

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan read Nene Leakes like a stack of girly magazines in a boy’s locker-room yesterday on Instagram.  

The reading came after Claudia commented on Nene’s absence from Cynthia Bailey’s wedding and Nene posted a laughing emoji under a comment belittling Claudia’s domestic violence experience.   

Nene claimed that she did not attend Cynthia’s wedding because there was nothing in it for her. Claudia responded in the comments that attending Cynthia’s wedding and seeing the couple happy is what people got out of it.  

Claudia then claimed that Nene was trying too hard to look as though she didn’t care about what the RHOA ladies were up to. 

“Let’s not be so busy trying to show how unbothered we are that we make a fool outta ourselves,” Claudia said. “Too many people making this wedding about THEM.”

After someone commented that Claudia “got her ass whipped,” Nene posted laughing emojis, prompting a scornful response from Claudia for making fun of domestic violence. 

“Let Cynthia have this moment. As much as I don’t f*ck with you, I’d never laugh at you getting hurt by some man. But that’s typical Nene. Evil and miserable with a rotten spirit. That’s why you will most likely never work again in television in any real credible way. No one wants to deal with that,” wrote Claudia.  

The reading continued. “Your attitude sucks, you’re a talentless, illiterate, narcissistic bully who thinks you’re far more important than you really are. Your brand is being rude, abrasive, and arrogant. You’re a joke, a punchline at best.” 

That wasn’t all Claudia had to say in the pearl-clutching Instagram post. The former RHOA star commented on Nene’s alleged affair with a football player.  

Claudia Jordan reads Nene Leakes on Instagram
Former RHOA star Claudia Jordan reads Nene Leakes on Instagram. Pic credit: @thejasminebrand/Instagram

“Maybe it’s time I LEAK the backstory of how we came to know each other back in 2009 when you needed an assist while you were out bopping behind Gregg’s back with a certain football player?? That’s the real reason you came for me so hard on ‘your’ show,” Claudia wrote.  

“You knew I knew [and] kept your secret. You thought calling me a ‘hoe’ would make you less of one? Na B. Only ONE of us has ever traded p***y for red bottoms and it ain’t me!” she concluded. 

Fans may remember the first time Claudia read Nene 

Claudia and Nene have gone rounds before while both women were filming a scene for the RHOA in Puerto Rico. Claudia called out Nene for being b**** and catty.  

The women begin to argue and Claudia stuns the rest of the women when she gives Nene a run for her money with her epic reading skills. 

Claudia said she pays her bills and at least she has never been on the pole or been arrested. Nene responded that she was arrested back in college to which Claudia asks, “You went to college?! I can’t tell. Spell bridesmaids. The S is not silent, honey,” she said. 

When the women start arguing about looks, she told Nene “When you were my age you had edges.” 

As Kandi Buress put it, “Claudia is reading Nene like hooked-on-phonics.” 

After Claudia said money can’t buy class, Nene said, “Money couldn’t buy you a new p****, could it?” as the other women sit at the table flabbergasted.  

Porsha said it best when she said in her confessional, “Attention, everybody. Nene has left the building. I usher in, NéNé,” she quips.   

“You been f***** by everybody in Hollywood. They done wore that out, b****” she said, to which Claudia replies, “Jealous?” 

Watch the clip below.  

The Real Housewives of Atlanta returns to Bravo on Sunday, December  6 at 8/7c. 

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