Clare Crawley will still be filming for The Bachelorette after Dale Moss’ departure

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley will still be filming something for The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Clare Crawley is still on the Bachelorette set in La Quinta, California.

She was set to stay there throughout filming when she was filming her own season, but Clare did something that no other contestant has done in the entire history of the show.

Clare decided to shut down all filming for the show just two weeks into production because she claimed she had fallen in love.

She didn’t want to keep filming the show and put the guys through anymore filming if they didn’t have to.

But just because Clare has put a lid on her Bachelorette experience doesn’t mean she’s done with her work on the show. In fact, she’s still at the resort.

Clare Crawley will still be filming for The Bachelorette

Clare is still on the set and has been spotted walking around and hanging out with production. Dale Moss, the man she quit the show for, has returned home.

In other words, they are not together right now even though there are rumors that they are engaged.

However, producers are supposedly still wanting to use Clare to film something this season. However, they haven’t explained what that could be.

Crawley was “talking to producers about filming and will be filming something,” a source told PEOPLE magazine about Clare’s presence still on set.

We do know that fans are dying to know the full story between Clare and Dale, including how they met, if they talked, and how they knew they were made for each other after just two weeks.

A source told PEOPLE magazine that “there’s more to the story than just [Clare] falling for someone and not wanting to see what else could happen with other men.”

Clare Crawley quit the show after 2 weeks because of Dale Moss

When we first reported that Clare had quit the show after two weeks, it was being shared that she was being difficult and not coming out of her room to film scheduled dates with the other guys.

Then, there were reports that Clare was being replaced with Tayshia Adams, because of her behavior. We’ve come to learn that Clare’s season was considered a success because she found love and Tayshia was brought in so they could get a full season of The Bachelorette for television.

It was rumored that Clare and Dale were engaged and fireworks, which had been planned for a date, still went off, making people wonder if the fireworks were scheduled for the engagement.

However, as for stories about Dale and Clare’s relationship prior to the show, several people, including Dale’s sister, have said that no such relationship existed.

Clare’s friend Michelle Money also took to social media to defend her friend, saying that they did not speak prior to filming.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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