Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are reportedly engaged: Was the proposal filmed with the fireworks in La Quinta?

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley is supposedly engaged to Dale Moss. Pic credit: ABC

Clare Crawley is making headlines for what appears to be one of the most confusing storylines in Bachelor and Bachelorette history.

Just two weeks into the entire journey, Clare wants to stop filming.

And not because she’s done with the experience because she can’t find love. No, this time, it’s because she’s already engaged.

At least that’s what the newest round of rumors claim. At just two weeks into filming, Clare is shutting down her supposed season of the show because she has found the man for her.

Clare Crawley is supposedly engaged to Dale Moss, hence ending her Bachelorette journey

All of the drama surfaced online late last week and this weekend when producers were supposedly growing tired of Clare’s drama.

She supposedly didn’t want to come out of her room and play. While Clare was getting a bad reputation for being difficult, it’s now being revealed that she’s supposedly engaged to Dale Moss.

He was first announced as a contestant on the show back in March.

Clare and Dale are reportedly engaged. Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram

Reality Steve is guessing that Clare and Dale must have spoken during the quarantine. Otherwise, it seems crazy that she would jump into an engagement after only knowing him for two weeks.

Dale Moss, who is a former NFL player who has his own fitness business now, is living in New York. Right now, there are plenty of people who are excited to learn more about him when the season starts airing.

Reality Steve also revealed that there were fireworks at the La Quinta Resort in California, where they are filming.

Fireworks were planned for The Bachelorette. Pic credit: @bacheloration.scoop/Instagram

Steve questions who the fireworks were for. While they may have been intended for a date, it seems more likely that the fireworks were to celebrate the engagement between Clare and Dale – if it did indeed happen.

If this rumor seems completely random, then check this out. Usually, all contestants have their phones removed when they film The Bachelorette. But Clare seems to have mysteriously gotten her phone back, as she liked — and then unliked — a tweet that seemed to celebrate Tayshia being the next Bachelorette.

Clare Crawley supposedly liked a tweet. Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram

In other words, Clare may just have liked the news that Tayshia will be replacing her.

Were Clare Crawley and Dale chatting before the show began filming?

If Dale and Clare are indeed engaged, then one can speculate that the two did indeed chat before the show began. Clare has admitted to researching the guys that were chosen for her season.

Dale was one of those guys.

It was just a few days ago that theories started to surface about Clare and Dale. There was plenty of speculation that perhaps they had been chatting and even sexting before the show began filming.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it sounds like ABC wants to share their love story as well on the network when the show returns this fall.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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