Clare Crawley reveals she’s a real person who hurts from harsh comments and Dale Moss chimes in

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley speaks out about the hate she’s received. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley is breaking her silence about her Bachelorette experience.

Fans already know what happened on the show, but they don’t know everything about the feedback and comments she has received after leaving with Dale Moss.

Even though Clare followed her heart and chose to shut down The Bachelorette to be with Dale, viewers were upset with her.

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The guys on her season wanted answers, as they felt they also deserved a chance to get to know her and vice versa.

Now, Clare is speaking out on social media, sharing that she’s been hurt by the comments people leave about her.

Clare Crawley speaks out about the harsh criticism she’s received

The post, which went up during Thanksgiving weekend, shows Clare sitting down.

The caption is long but starts, “Hi. It’s me, Clare.”

“Not Clare that you have seen edited on your television or social media squares. But the human one with feelings, insecurities, emotions, and a normal life just like you,” she writes.

“And just like you, I’m going through things, big and small, that all of us experience at some point or another. Just like some of you I can be shy and awkward or even fighting off my anxiety the best I can that day. There are good days and bad days.”

Clare also mentions that just because she was on reality television, it doesn’t mean she has created an armor of protection, where the comments don’t mean much to her.

In fact, she reveals they hurt and that she’s not superhuman.

“Being on reality TV doesn’t exempt me (or any of us) from that. I will always do my best to rise above the negativity and find the positive, but I am not superhuman. So when you choose to pass judgements without knowing someone personally or even something as small as a snide comment, please remember just like you, I am simply trying my best.”

After sharing the post, Clare was praised by her Bachelor fans for being brave and strong. Other Bachelor Nation stars reached out with similar thoughts, sharing they also received harsh comments from people.

Even Clare’s future husband Dale chimed in, sharing that Clare would never be alone in battling the trolls. He would forever be by her side to help her out.

“You are never alone and your strength, love and passion has and will continue to help so many out there who may be afraid to share their struggles. I love you,” he wrote as a reply to her post.

You can see it below.


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Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are still going strong

Even though Clare and Dale didn’t have the biggest support after four episodes on The Bachelorette, they were ready to prove the world wrong. Fans didn’t think that they would last in the long run because she was so quick to make her decision.

After just 12 days, she shut down production and she wanted to be with Dale. And she didn’t hesitate once when Chris Harrison told her that a proposal would be going down that night.

Dale didn’t hesitate either, popping the question in a semi-finale during Episode 4 of this season.

After their finale aired, former Bachelor alum Melissa Rycroft said she didn’t believe that Clare and Dale would last. Melissa wasn’t the only one with these views, but so far, they have proved everyone wrong.

In fact, they are already taking the next steps. Clare and Dale revealed that they were house-hunting in Sacramento, as he’s moving to Sacramento from New York City to be with Clare.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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