Clare Crawley claps back after a Bachelorette fan says no one cares about her

Clare Crawley claps back after a Bachelorette fan says no one cares about her
Clare Crawley claps back after a Bachelorette fan says no one cares about her on Instagram. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley is back in the headlines this week, as she was spotted with Dale Moss in Florida.

Fans believed that Clare was done with Dale after he surprised her with a breakup announcement on social media back in January.

For a while, Clare struggled with anxiety and she hinted that she felt betrayed by Dale.

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So, when they were spotted together in Florida this week, fans were surprised. And some guessed that they could be getting back together.

Clare Crawley snaps back at a fan who says no one cares

After feeling betrayed by Dale, Clare took a break from social media. But she’s back now and she’s choosing to share her new hairstyles.

A few days ago, she chose to dye her hair pink. Now, she has chosen to chop off her hair, as she revealed a modern bob.

But with these Instagram posts and stories, people are reacting. And the comments are not always positive.

On one of Clare’s most recent Instagram posts, a critic even wrote, “Ughh give it up already! No one cares!”

That’s when Clare snapped back, “clearly you do.”

Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

Even though Clare is back on social media, she hasn’t addressed her decision to reconnect with Dale. They have posed for photos with fans, but they haven’t told their followers about their decision to hang out again.

Clare Crawley may want to give Dale Moss a second chance

Clare and Dale got engaged after 12 days on The Bachelorette. When Clare met him, she told Chris Harrison that she was convinced she had just met her future husband.

Since she felt that way, she couldn’t continue filming the show. She shut down production and Dale was asked by producers to propose to Clare or end things. He proposed and for a few months, they appeared happy as they were looking for a house and joking about making babies.

Then, suddenly in early January, the relationship came to an abrupt end. Dale issued a statement about their split, unbeknownst to Clare and then, it was reported that the two had unfollowed each other.

It really was looking like Clare Crawley and Dale Moss were over for good until this week.

Clare and Dale were spotted together in Florida this week, causing speculation that they were getting back together. They were holding hands. The Bachelorette stars even posed for pictures after fans spotted them out in public together.

Sources said that Clare wanted to see Dale in person, possibly to get some answers as to what is going on between them. They may not be in a rush to share what is going on between them.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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