Clare Crawley wanted to see Dale Moss in person but Bachelorette fans aren’t supportive of the relationship

Dale Moss
Dale Moss and Clare Crawley could be rekindling their romance. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley may not have closed the door on Dale Moss.

Even though Dale broke her heart back in January when he suddenly posted a breakup post on social media, it appears that Clare is willing to listen to his side of the story.

The two of them were spotted together in Florida this week, putting all assumptions to rest that they were fighting.

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While Clare may be thinking about giving Dale a second chance after breaking her heart a month ago, Bachelor fans aren’t exactly sold on the idea.

Clare Crawley wanted to see Dale Moss in person

Apparently, Clare wanted to see Dale in person rather than talking online or on the phone. At this time, we don’t know who initiated this conversation or why they chose to meet up in Florida.

But a source spoke to E! Online, revealing that they were very happy while out and about.

“They were all smiles,” the source explained. “They seemed like they were having a good time. It was just the two of them.”

“Dale had regret over everything that happened between him and Clare and has been reaching out to her recently. She finally caved and decided to answer his calls and talk it out with him.”

While she decided to give him a chance to spend time with her, she may not be willing to jump into a relationship again.

“She’s been trying to move on but it’s been very hard. She wanted to see him in person so she flew to Florida to be with him,” the source claimed. “They aren’t back together but Clare has expressed she misses him and wants to work it out.”

Clare has revealed she struggled with anxiety after her split from Dale, because she didn’t see it coming. She was blindsided, so it makes sense if she’s not willing to make any big decisions yet.

Clare Crawley isn’t getting support from Bachelor Nation

Even though Clare is taking her time to figure things out, Bachelor Nation isn’t having it. In a poll by @bachelorettewindmill, 15 percent voted yes that they were supportive of the two of them together, but an overwhelming 85 percent voted “hell no.”

After his breakup statement, fans guessed that Dale could have used Clare for fame and attention.

Dale and Clare
Pic credit: @bachelorettewindmill/Instagram

It was this week that Clare and Dale were spotted together in Florida, where they were holding hands. She chose to give him a chance to hang out, even though she felt blindsided by his decision to publicize their split. Dale had previously issued a statement about making mistakes in his relationship with Clare, but it seems she’s giving him time to explain himself.

Now, the question is – will she or won’t she give him a second chance?

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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