Clara confirms she and Ryan are done with Married at First Sight

Clara and Ryan laugh on their wedding day
Clara and Ryan have instant sparks on their wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight stars, Clara and Ryan, are ready to begin married life away from the cameras. With no more Season 12 episodes in store, Clara took time out to thank everyone who helped her along this wild journey. 

While their fellow MAFS costars Virginia, Eric, Briana, and Vincent have agreed to continue documenting their marriage by joining the cast of Married at First Sight: Couples Cam, Ryan and Clara have opted to step away from the franchise.

Ryan was likely the most private out of all the ten members of the Atlanta cast, preferring to keep personal details of their life and intimacy strictly between the couple, causing some frustration for Clara.

With how much Ryan values privacy, it makes sense for this couple to no longer want to showcase their marriage on national TV. 

Clara thanks her friends and family 

In a recent Instagram post, Clara shared lovely photos from their MAFS wedding. She also expressed her gratitude towards the friends and family that supported her and were there for her during the ups and downs of marrying a stranger. 

Clara thanked her parents specifically for trusting her to make her own choices even with something as “insane” as agreeing to get married at first sight. She also thanked her parents for welcoming Ryan into their family like a son and giving them moral support and motivation when the couple tearfully felt the odds were stacked against them. 

Clara thanked her friends for standing by her side and reluctantly agreeing to be on television too. Considering how unpredictable Married at First Sight results can be, Clara really appreciated that her friends were willing to support her whether she succeeded or not. 

Ryan’s family was also mentioned in Clara’s post, with Clara thanking her new family for embracing her and having the couple’s back no matter what. She shared her excitement to be an aunt to Ryan’s brother’s son. 

The Married at First Sight Season 12 wives get a shoutout 

Apart from family and friends, Clara thanked the people behind the scenes of Married at First Sight for making this televised marriage possible, including the casting director who found her and allegedly encouraged her to apply for the show. 

While Clara didn’t make mention of the experts when thanking people, she did thank the MAFS Season 12 wives, who have all bonded immensely from being on the show together. She thanked Briana, Virginia, Paige, and Haley for being as crazy as she is. 

Finally, Clara thanked her husband Ryan for “taking this leap of faith” with her. With the couple no longer as shy about the “l word”, Clara wrote, “I love you more than I ever would have imagined and can’t wait to see what the world has for us next!”

Plenty of familiar faces from the MAFS franchise expressed their love for Clara and Ryan in the comments including, Jamie Otis, Dr. Viviana, Haley, and Shawniece to name a few.

Clara and Ryan’s time on Married at First Sight may have come to an end, but the couple is hopeful their marriage can last a lifetime. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime 

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