Chris Williams has a message for the new season of MAFS hopefuls and it’s surprisingly good advice

Chris Williams poses for picture at his wedding
Chris Williams on his MAFS wedding day Pic credit: Lifetime

Chris Williams has decided to give the incoming Married at First Sight cast members a little friendly advice.

On July 7, Chris posted on his Instagram a list of 8 pieces of advice for the new Married At First Sight hopefuls in hopes that, although his experience was a little less than positive, maybe theirs could be better.

Chris posted a picture of he and his mother, walking down the aisle on his wedding day to Paige Banks, and listed out his pieces of advice in the caption.

Let’s break down the 8 pieces of advice he gave, and see if he hit the mark, or if once again he was way off base.

Chris William’s advice for the new season’s cast members

  1. “Don’t call your castmates Drunkards”

That’s always solid advice. Chris is referring to the incident where he called fellow castmate, Virginia Coombs, a “drunkard” in response to her questions regarding his and Paige’s marriage. The incident occurred while three of the couples were out ATV’ing on their honeymoon and Virginia and Clara had asked Chris what his plan was regarding his pregnant ex and his current bride.

Chris immediately had become defensive and began accusing Virginia and her then-husband Erik Lake (the couple has since filed for divorce) of being “fake” and calling Virginia a “drunkard.”

Chris went on to say that the entire cast was more concerned about Virginia and Erik drunkenly walking around the casino, than Chris and Paige’s problems. Virginia denied the accusations, stating that she liked to drink but was not a drunkard and that she and her then-husband’s concern was genuine. The argument continued on the van ride back to the hotel and lasted almost the entire duration of the season.

2. “Don’t let the fans get you out of character”

Chris definitely got a lot of heat for his behavior on the show from the fans and experts alike. In an interview Chris gave with relationship expert Love McPherson, he claimed he had been set up by the show to take the fall as the “bad guy.”

Although between playing games with Paige’s heart, disappearing for half the show, and bringing in his pregnant ex to meet his new wife, we felt he did a pretty good job of that all on his own.

Chris Williams says to ignore the most engaged fans and their comments

3. “Ignore the fans with the most to say. Those are the ones who haven’t had a healthy marriage in their lives”

Well we don’t know about that last bit, but it’s safe to say taking things fans may say with a grain of salt is a good idea for anyone in the spotlight.

4. “Enjoy this moment.”

Well said, Chris, well said. All of the Married At First Sight cast members seem to agree, the show goes by very quickly and those first moments of getting to know their spouses often gets lost in the craziness of filming.

While for some couples the show seems to fly by, for some it can’t end soon enough. We think that it is safe to say that while Chris might have been enjoying the moment, his then wife Paige Banks, probably wanted it to end a lot sooner than it did.

Chris Williams says violence is not the answer

5. “Don’t threaten to punch your castmates.”

Chris is just dropping knowledge bombs left and right on this post. We think it is safe to say that any physical violence that will then be streamed on worldwide television, is probably a no no.

Chris is referring to the post ATV’ing dinner in which he and fellow cast member, Erik Lake, almost came to blows over the day’s disagreements. Chris had initially apologized to the group, stating his behavior had been out of line and he had regrets about it.

Unfortunately, Erik and Virginia missed that portion of the evening, as they arrived late.

When Erik then began to address Chris’s earlier behavior, a fight quickly ensued, causing Chris to get up from the table and attempt to punch Erik. Fellow cast member, Vincent Morales, had to hold Chris back. It did not paint a pretty picture for Chris Williams, who was already in the MAFS doghouse for his previous behavior.

6. “Don’t read the comments.”

Fan boards and social media sites alike blew up following the physical altercation and all of the excitement surrounding Chris’s honeymoon confessions of a pregnant ex and not being attracted to his current wife.

It’s no wonder Chris would give that advice because some of the comments he received were pretty extreme. From death threats to general displeasure, it was safe to say Chris was not the most popular cast member the show had ever seen and viewers were vocal about it. It never made things better when Chris would pop in and respond.

7. “Don’t feel pressured to do anything due to public pressure.”

That is a sentiment many cast members over the seasons have shared, that they did feel pressured to stay together, act a certain way or say and do certain things as a result of the cameras and public pressure. Some cast members felt they left their marriages too soon, and others felt they didn’t leave them soon enough. Many cast members encourage future ones, to do what feels right for them, camera or not.

8. “Lastly, get on MAFSFAN’s good side.”

It’s not a bad idea to ensure that the people who are writing about you daily are fans of yours, otherwise, things could get pretty ugly and fuel an already intense fire.

So there we have it, Chris Williams’ eight nuggets of wisdom, learned from his time on Married at First Sight Season 12. While I’m not sure these will show up in any history books anytime soon, they are surprisingly on point and insightful thoughts for the show and are a good indication of things that he may have wished he handled better when it was his time to shine. The new cast members will most likely find it helpful information.

Besides, we are sure with the new season of MAFS airing later this month, those couples can use all the advice they can get.

Married at First Sight Season 13 premieres on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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18 days ago

I don’t think I have ever disliked anyone on this show as much as Chris….
My heart went out to Paige from the beginning. She was such a kind and compassionate Lady and deserved much much better!