Chris Randone is defending Bachelor stars who took out PPP loans after Nick Viall calls them out

Chris Randone and Nick Viall
Chris Randone defends the Bachelor Nation stars who received PPP loans in a debate with Nick Viall. Pic credit: ©

Former Bachelor in Paradise star Chris Randone engaged in a debate with former Bachelor lead Nick Viall over the recent PPP loan drama involving other Bachelor Nation stars.

Chris seems to be supportive of the recent Bachelor Nation stars who were exposed for taking out PPP loans, typically granted to struggling small businesses, for their social media careers during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it doesn’t seem like Nick feels the same way.

Nick engaged with another Twitter user over the scandal and added his own two cents.

Nick wrote, “What’s legal isn’t always right. What’s illegal isn’t always wrong. Don’t know everyone’s situation, but my gut tells any alum applying for a PPP is both savvy and s***ty. Interesting debate.”

Chris argues against Nick’s attack against those who received PPP loans

Chris stopped by the thread to drop in his own thoughts about how the PPP loans aren’t anyone’s business and that the Bachelor Nation stars who took one out should be left alone.

“It’s not really anyone’s business besides the person who took out the PPP loan,” Chris tweeted. “No one knows their financial situation especially during that time and it’s no ones place to judge or criticize because it doesn’t concern them.”

This started a debate between the two Bachelor Nation stars.

Nick retorted, “It’s literally public information for a reason.”

“Public information yes but to speculate & judge let alone say it’s unethical is completely out of line from anyone,” Chris wrote back. “If anyone is upset, be upset with your government for allowing many who you perceive to ‘having money’ even having the ability to have access to such funds”

“If you want a public platform and take public funds you are open for public criticism,” Nick responded.

Chris countered, “There’s a difference between criticism and projection…”

“I’m not sure [I] understand the difference,” Nick simply replied.

Nick Viall and Chris Randone have a debate on Twitter
Pic credit: @viallnicholas28/Twitter

Which Bachelor Nation stars received PPP loans?

The first Bachelor Nation star to be exposed for receiving a PPP loan was Tayshia Adams. She received $20,833 for her LLC Tayshia Adams Media.

Shortly after, Dale Moss was exposed for receiving the same amount for his sole proprietorship, and Arie Luyendyk Jr. for his LLC Instagram Husband.

All of these stars filed for their PPP loan under the “Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers” category.

Colton Underwood also received a PPP loan. However, he only received $11,355 for his cystic fibrosis charity organization.

Since these PPP loans were exposed, Tayshia and Colton’s representatives have both spoken out and defended their clients’ reasoning for taking out the loans.

Meanwhile, Colton also wrote his own personal message asking to never be affiliated with the Bachelor franchise again.

The PPP loans seem to be a touchy subject for all Bachelor Nation stars involved.

Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c.

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