Chris Harrison opens up about one suite for the final three women on The Bachelor

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison reveals why the three women are staying in the same suite. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Harrison has been the host of The Bachelor since the show began and he plays a role in how the show is produced.

So, Harrison knew it was a good idea to put all three of the final women in the same hotel room in Australia.

This is something they have never done before, but he thought it would be interesting to see.

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Now, he’s opening up about why it is necessary for producers to push some things at times.

Chris Harrison opens up about the women sharing the hotel room

Chris opened up about the decision to put all of the women in the same hotel room on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. Here, he revealed that the producers are responsible for putting people in uncomfortable situations, sometimes for their own good.

“There are things we do as producers that will force you into this uncomfortable zone and force you into making this decision,” Harrison explained during the internet. “Sometimes we will do it for your behalf, sometimes we will do it for the guys or the girls.”

Some viewers thought it was completely unnecessary, as Madison would be forced into uncomfortable confrontations about the other women having sex with Peter Weber.

“Yeah, it was tough love, and it was really awkward, and again, in the history of the show, I don’t know if we’ve ever done this,” he shared. “But we decided to do it this week because there are conversations that needed to be had, and it was because I think the double standard and the things that Peter was gonna deal with, we needed the women’s perspective on this.”

Harrison explains that part of the reason why they decided to put them in the same room is that Madison needs to hear their emotions on the subject, not just trust Peter.

“We needed Madison to face Victoria and Hannah Ann and have them express their emotions on this,” he added. “Because, again, it’s just this guy and his perspective, and I don’t know if that’s the greatest thing right now.”

Chris Harrison thinks Madison’s sex choice had to be discussed

Throughout the season, Madison hasn’t discussed sex. Recently, she admitted to the cameras that she was saving herself for marriage and that Peter needed to respect this decision.

She then added later that she wasn’t sure if she could continue to be with him if he had been intimate with Hannah, Victoria, or any other woman throughout the show. He then admitted that he had, and she chose to walk away.

That’s how Monday’s episode of The Bachelor ended.

Madison’s choice to save herself for marriage was one that was a bit controversial for many people. While some people supported her decision to walk away, others questioned why she would sign up for The Bachelor knowing that sex would be involved.

Hannah and Victoria were branded as hypocrites because they didn’t respect Madison’s religious beliefs about not sleeping with someone before marriage, despite both wearing crosses as necklaces while filming.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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