Chris Harrison is back on The Bachelorette set just days after leaving, films with Clare and fans call him out

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison is back on set in La Quinta, California. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Harrison made headlines last week because he decided to leave The Bachelorette set in La Quinta, California.

For weeks, we heard about how the cast and crew had to quarantine upon arrival for two weeks and undergo tests for COVID-19 to ensure that everyone was safe.

One would think that these rules would also be in place for Chris, but that appears to not be the case- he decided to travel to Texas to help his son get settled at college, but is already back on set.

This week, Chris returned to the set in La Quinta and he posted a photo of himself at the gate.

Chris Harrison is back in La Quinta with Clare Crawley

In the photo, Chris is wearing a mask and being asked to stop at the gate. In a second photo he added to the post, he’s seen walking away with his golf clubs.

It appears that he wants people to think that he wasn’t allowed into the Bachelorette set.

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison showed up on set again after leaving for Texas. Pic credit: @chrisbharrison/Instagram

However, this week, photos surfaced of Chris and Clare hanging out and filming together. We had previously revealed that JoJo Fletcher would be filling in for him, but it’s clear that he is back on set and did not quarantine for a full 14 days because he was in Texas with his son just 6 days ago.

Photos surfaced of him and Clare proving that he was back at the resort and not spending time in quarantine.

Chris college
Chris Harrison recently took his son to college. Pic credit: @chrisbharrison/Instagram

There have been conflicting reports about what’s going on with Chris and quarantine. Some outlets reported that Chris was upset that he couldn’t just come back to the set, while others claimed that it had been completely planned and that he knew he would need to undergo testing and quarantine upon his return.

Chris Harrison is slammed by fans over the fact he didn’t quarantine

Fans of The Bachelorette quickly picked up on the fact that Chris hadn’t been in quarantine to ensure that he didn’t bring COVID-19 back on set. While he may have been tested upon his return, it’s possible for people to test negative shortly after exposure but develop symptoms later.

“Yes, Chris Harrison is back on set filming. I mean JoJo didn’t quarantine when they supposedly “replaced her as the host.” They still brought her in even though she was traveling to Puerto Rico,” @bachelorteadaily wrote on Instagram.

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison is slammed for not quarantining. Pic credit: @bachelorteadaily/Instagram

“So, it made no sense to have him quarantine for 14 days when she didn’t,” the account continues.

JoJo hasn’t confirmed that she’s in La Quinta, but she was in Puerto Rico recently with Jordan. They have both posted photos to their social media accounts documenting the trip. It appears JoJo didn’t quarantine for a single day before being spotted on the set.

Chris had previously teased that something special was in the works on The Bachelorette set, and it’s possible he was talking about having JoJo Fletcher as a co-host.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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