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Chris Collette reacts to Alyssa Ellman bashing him to producers, dishes on behind-the-scenes drama

Chris Collette
Chris Collette reacts to Alyssa Ellman’s hurtful comments. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Afterparty continues to offer tons of tea on the behind-the-scenes drama with the couples. 

The latest episode of the MAFS after show featured guests Chris Collette and Lindsey Georgoulis and both of them didn’t hold back with their thoughts on Alyssa Ellman and the off-putting way she behaved off-camera, from refusing phone numbers to alleged legal drama.

Chris also had a chance to watch the hurtful way Alyssa spoke about him behind his back and share his reaction. 

Chris Collette shares his thoughts on Alyssa Ellman being a ‘very nice person’ 

On Afterparty, Chris watched Alyssa bash him to producers as host Keshia Knight Pulliam revealed it was Chris’ first time seeing the clip.

In the clip, Alyssa goes off on Chris to the producers, saying, “I hate him. He’s a f*****g a**hole. He’s disrespectful and rude and he’s doing me dirty. And it’s f*****g disgusting that a man is treating a woman like that, who has been nothing but nice to him. I’m a good person and if I don’t come off that way on the show I’m going to be f*****g pissed.” 

Chris shared his reaction to the clip, stating, “That’s just a really crappy way to talk about someone. To talk like that about somebody and to admit while talking about it that you are very, very nice to that person is admitting that you’re behaving two separate ways.” 

Chris also spoke on Alyssa’s presumed lack of attraction to him. Chris shared, “Can I say that I have thought since the night of the wedding that she’s not attracted to me. And she has never, to this day, said that.” 

Chris and Lindsey dish on unaired drama with Alyssa at City Hall 

When speaking on Alyssa’s effort level, Lindsey, who has her own beef with Alyssa, revealed, “The effort she made was to call her lawyers to see if she could get out of [the marriage].” 

Chris added to that reveal as he explained, “So when we went to City Hall to sign the marriage paperwork, we’re waiting in the hallway and I said to Alyssa, ‘We’re gonna be going on the honeymoon, I don’t have your phone number. Do you want me to give you my phone number?’ And she said to me, ‘No, I know where to find it if I need it.’”

Chris continued, “So she’s talking to her lawyers, doesn’t want to give me her phone number, doesn’t want to sit next to me on the plane, puts a producer between us so that we don’t have to sit next to each other. Keep in mind that we’ve spent a total of like 45 minutes to an hour together. This would be a four-hour flight where we could actually have a conversation, no cameras, no microphones, learn about each other” but Alyssa refused.  

Keshia was left speechless by Chris’ retelling of the events and it seems Chris and Alyssa are in for even more drama as the series continues. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  2. She is clearly in this for 1 reason and 1 reason only…… FAME. But she is sabotaging herself in the process and making herself look like a fool to the world. I am sure that her family is totally embarrassed about how she is acting. She has not once tried to get to know him or understand him at all. Well is she hates him and doesn’t want to be near him then DIVORCE!!!!

  3. She is a horrible person not a nice person. When this is over she is ging to wish she never heard of Married at First Sight. She looks like a fool. I see why she is single.

  4. She clearly is not attracted to him, but no need to be mad, nasty and rude , to a man she chose to marry. As far as looks , she is not attractive. She looks like the people from Hooville from The Grinch. Even if she had been beautiful her nasty personality would make her ugly. MAFS should give her a one way ticket back to Hooville and set Chris free !

  5. Alyssa should have joined a singles club instead. She doesn’t want to be with Chris but thinks she deserves the perks. She keeps repeating she’s a good person but she’s ugly inside.

  6. She is fraud and should be taken off the show. Chris has been through enough. He should not be subjected to her crap anymore. She is wasting everyone’s time and money! Enough already.

  7. It’s time to end Alyssa’s vacation! Chris is a saint to put up with that mean,vile woman. He has been more than kind and certainly doesn’t deserve to be stuck with her. Chris run while you can. Women all over will want a man like you, and Alyssa, if you are such a good person, I’d hate to see a bad one. You don’t have to worry about the show portraying you in a bad light, you did a fine job on your own, your true colors are apparent and they are awful!

  8. Why is Alyssa allowed to be on the honeymoon if she doesn’t want to get to know her husband? The producer had to remind her that this is not “single at first sight” but “ married at first sight”. She also says that what she is interested in is “ spending time with my girls” – however the other girls are spending time getting to know their husbands, that is the premise of this show. Then, she wants to stay at the apartment by herself. What??? When will she be kicked off the show? So sorry for Chris – he seems like a nice guy. Run, Chris, run – you deserve better!!!

  9. Alyssa is a horrible person plain and simple! I can’t for the life of me understand how or why the “experts” are allowing the total disrespect for Chris to continue!! She needs to be removed immediately!!!


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