MAFS: Lindsey Georgoulis throws shade at Alyssa Ellman, spills tea on Alyssa’s psychic reading

Lindsey Georgoulis
Lindsey Georgoulis expresses skepticism over Alyssa Ellman calling herself a “good person.” Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s no secret that Married at First Sight Season 14 stars Alyssa Ellman and Lindsey Georgoulis aren’t the biggest fans of one another. 

On last week’s Afterparty, Alyssa shared about Lindsey’s overbearing personality before eventually storming off the set, and this week it was Lindsey’s turn to throw shade at Alyssa.

Lindsey Georgoulis can’t stop laughing at Alyssa Ellman 

The most doomed couple from Married at First Sight Season 14 has been Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette as their journey has been rocky from the very beginning. 

During Afterparty, Keshia had MAFS Season 14 guests Katina, Lindsey, and Steve react to a moment during the episode where Alyssa cried about how upset she was with Chris and the whole experience.

In the clip, Alyssa told the producers, “I’ve literally been the nicest person to literally everyone.” 

When asked to give her thoughts on the clip, Lindsey shared, “Well I think that if you’re a nice person you usually don’t say that about yourself. Other people do.”

At the end of Afterparty, a preview for the next episode played and featured Alyssa frustratedly declaring, “I am a really good f*****g person” yet again.  

Lindsey had a bad case of giggles as she watched the preview and could not stop laughing at Alyssa’s comment.

Keshia questioned why Lindsey was laughing so hard and Lindsey explained, “I just can’t take someone saying, ‘I’m a really good person!’ every ten seconds. It’s funny.”

Lindsey reveals behind-the-scenes drama with Alyssa’s psychic reading 

During the honeymoon, Alyssa informed Chris that she had gone to a psychic who told her that her soulmate would have big muscles and an eagle tattoo — which Chris does not have. 

Lindsey spilled more tea on Alyssa’s psychic reading and the alleged truth surrounding the “soulmate tattoo.”

Lindsey shared, “Well I heard, and I don’t know cuz everything is hearsay, but Alyssa was very specific on the vision of the man she wanted. She wanted a man with a lion tattoo and big muscles.”

While Alyssa mentioned an eagle tattoo to Chris, Lindsey revealed that the psychic allegedly predicted that Alyssa’s soul mate would have a cat or lion tattoo originally. However, after some drama with MAFS Season 14 wife Noi, Alyssa changed up the story. 

Noi’s husband Steve chimed in to explain his involvement in the story.

Steve shared, “So here’s my experience. We went to the hotel. I saw Mark and Chris in the lobby there. And he said something about a cat or a lion tattoo. And they were like ‘Do you have any tattoos?’ And I showed them. And their jaws drop. I have one big lion tattoo. And they said something crazy like ‘Don’t take your shirt off on the honeymoon!’”

Steve continued, “The next morning we get to the airport and Noi’s crying. And I’m like ‘What?’ She’s like ‘Something about Alyssa thinks her soul mate has a lion tattoo.’”

It appears Noi became upset that Alyssa may have been inferring that she was meant to be with Steve since he had a lion tattoo on his chest. Lindsey shared that Alyssa apologized to Noi and changed the prediction to an eagle tattoo in order to diffuse drama. 

When Katina asked where Lindsey heard this, Lindsey admitted that Chris’s groomsmen gave her the intel. 

As the season goes on, time will tell if Alyssa or Noi end up giving their side of the story when it comes to the tattoo scandal. As for Alyssa and Lindsey, it seems their beef only gets stronger.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

Alyssa is such a fake and so mean. She does not even try and trusting in the process. She is a witch. She is anything but nice… a true prima donna. Very CLASSLESS!!!!