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Cheyenne Floyd asked about the Teen Mom OG reunion on Twitter as fans took aim at Amber Portwood

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG
When Cheyenne asked her followers about the reunion, many of them had something to say about Amber. Pic credit: MTV

Fans tuned in last night for part one of the Teen Mom OG reunion special and when cast member Cheyenne Floyd asked her followers how it was going, many of them were distracted by Amber Portwood’s behavior.

About thirty minutes into the episode, Cheyenne tweeted to her followers, “How’s the reunion going?”

Most of her followers commented on how great Cheyenne looked during her segment and how sweet her and Zach’s relationship is.

However, many fans also noted that Amber drew plenty of attention to herself

One of Cheyenne’s followers insinuated that Amber was high during her segment when they replied, “Confused with why ambers eyes were closed the first 10 minutes.”

Another follower didn’t think Amber was under the influence of drugs, and explained, “I know the obvious thought but I mostly just think she was looking down on the zoom call instead of into the camera.”

One follower said, “Already sooo much drama lol,”

While one added, “Amber looks high af..”

A fan commented on Amber’s drama compared to Cheyenne’s segment and said, “The s**t show part is over and now on to your glowing self,”

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG on Twitter
Cheyenne opened a can of worms when she asked her fans how the reunion was going. Pic credit: @itskcheyenne/Twitter
Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG on Twitter
Cheyenne’s fans couldn’t ignore the drama that Amber caused. Pic credit: @itskcheyenne/Twitter

Amber broke down when Dr. Drew suggested she was being dramatic

During the reunion special episode, viewers saw drama ensue pretty quickly during Amber and Gary Shirley’s segment.

The two talked with Nessa and Dr. Drew about their co-parenting challenges and things got really heated after Amber accused Gary of inappropriate touching.

Amber alleged that there was an incident that occurred when Gary tried to make a move on her, and claimed he begged her not to tell his wife, Kristina.

When Dr. Drew commented that Amber was unnecessarily stirring up drama, she broke down and announced that she was leaving the show.

Before walking off the set, Amber had some kind words for Gary, but bashed Kristina.

She started by saying, “Listen, I’m gonna stop this right now because we’re going to end this. I’m gonna end this on a positive note.”

But she couldn’t stop herself after watching a clip of Leah telling Gary that Kristina basically filled the role that Amber missed out on as a mother.

Amber continued telling Gary, “Thank you Gary, so much for that. I really enjoyed seeing that. That was amazing to actually hear you sticking up for me, but your wife is absolutely horrible at it.”

Cheyenne was calm, cool and mature during her interview

During Cheyenne’s segment of the reunion, she talked about how she and her boyfriend Zach waited a decade before they were intimate with each other.

Cheyenne was also joined on the couch by her ex, Cory Wharton, the two talked about The Challenge and how it holds a special place in Cheyenne’s heart.

Despite the drama that played out on the first half of the reunion, Cheyenne will have plenty to keep her busy this summer when she and Zach welcome their first son, Ace.

Cheyenne also revealed that she and Zach are getting married, so fans can keep an eye open for news of the couple’s upcoming nuptials.

Fans of the show can catch the second half of the reunion special next week when it airs on Tuesday, April 27 at 8/7c on MTV.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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