Chelsea Vaughn reveals whether she hates The Bachelor franchise 

Chelsea Vaughn
Chelsea Vaughn dispels popular assumptions about her. Pic credit: ABC

Chelsea Vaughn has been an intriguing figure within The Bachelor franchise.

She often engages with fans as a model and influencer, and she recently asked her followers to share their assumptions about her.

The Bachelor Nation star reacted to several of the assumptions, including an assumption regarding her having alleged hate for The Bachelor franchise.

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Chelsea Vaughn clears up the assumption about her feelings toward The Bachelor franchise

Chelsea Vaughn took to her Instagram stories and asked her followers, “What are your assumptions about me?”

One commenter wrote their assumption, “You hate the bachelor franchise lol.” 

Chelsea declared that the assumption was inaccurate as she shared a photo of herself posing with Bachelor Nation alum Serena Chew, Kit Keenan, and Magi Tareke. 

Chelsea replied, “FALSE. Do I like to poke fun at it on TikTok? Absolutely lol. But I am so happy I did it and I’m so grateful for the experiences and people that it brought into my life (including all of you).”

Chelsea Vaughn's Instagram story
Pic credit: @chelseavaughn/Instagram

Chelsea Vaughn responds to assumptions about her love life 

It appears several of Chelsea’s followers have assumptions about Chelsea’s love life, as she’s currently single. 

One fan assumed that Chelsea secretly loves being single, and Chelsea responded by saying, “Kinda true. I am getting a little impatient, def want to find my guy. But at the same time I recognize that once I do, my time to focus on me and only me will be over. So I’m enjoying it to the fullest!”  

Chelsea Vaughn's Instagram story
Pic credit: @chelseavaughn/Instagram

Another assumption was that Chelsea only dates tall men, seemingly since she is a tall woman. 

Chelsea replied, “True. My exes are all around 6’1” – 6’2”. I wouldn’t rule someone out if they were 5’10” -5’11” and they were smart, funny, handsome etc.” 

Chelsea Vaughn's Instagram story
Pic credit: @chelseavaughn/Instagram

Chelsea also shared her response to a commenter that assumed, “You’ve had only a few one night stands.” 

Chelsea replied, “False. I’ve actually never had one!”

Chelsea Vaughn's Instagram story
Pic credit: @chelseavaughn/Instagram

Finally, a commenter assumed, “Men are literally throwing themselves at your feet ((cuz I would)).” 

Chelsea responded, “Lol thank you, but false. Men tend to be intimidated by me/my height/my presence etc. And that’s ok. The right guy won’t be.”

Chelsea Vaughn's Instagram story
Pic credit: @chelseavaughn/Instagram

While Chelsea has expressed in the past that she will never go on Bachelor in Paradise again, she doesn’t have any ill will toward The Bachelor franchise as she continues to look for love elsewhere. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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