Chazz and Bria Bryant shake up Love Island USA: Here’s what we know about the bombshell siblings

Bria and Chaz Bryant
Chazz and Bria are making history on Love Island USA Season 4. Pic credit: Peacock

Chazz Bryant and his sister Bria Bryant are shaking up Love Island USA as the first ever siblings to enter the villa.

Love Island USA has had quite a few hotties enter the villa since the initial group of singles ladies and hunky guys kicked off Season 4. Tyler Radziszewski and Mady McLanahan are at the top of that list.

Valerie Bragg would have made the cut, but she was dumped from the island after the first recoupling. The brunette beauty was left single and sent packing.

That means all the islanders in the villa are coupled up at the moment, so a shake-up is sure to be on the horizon.

Enter siblings Bria and Chazz, who enter the villa at the same time, ready to stake their claim. It’s an interesting twist adding a brother and sister into the mix at the same time.

So, what should Love Island USA fans know about Chazz and Bria? Let’s take a look.

Who are bombshell siblings Bria Bryant and her brother Chazz Bryant on Love Island USA?

The Bryant siblings are from Clifton, New Jersey. However, Bria calls New York City home, where she works as a wardrobe stylist.

Fashion and beauty are a passion for Bria, who even has her own YouTube channel called BeautyWithBri. The 24-year-old also has her own business, The Style Barbie, which focuses on design and fashion.

Bria’s Instagram feed is filled with her prompting her own sense of style, which is good for business. The bombshell beauty looks good in pretty much anything, which means she will certainly be turning some heads on Love Island USA.

Chazz is only 21 years old and is finishing up his undergrad at Franklin Pierce University. Football is a big part of Chazz’s life as well.

As for his social media presence, Chazz keeps a low profile and barely posts on his Instagram.

How will Chazz and Bria shake things up on Love Island USA?

As mentioned above, the islanders are all coupled up — even if some of them are not happy with their partners.

Isaiah Campbell chose Mandy after his pal Andy Voyen wanted a shot at Sydney Paight. There will certainly be some tension there as neither Mandy nor Isaiah seem that into each other.

The rest of the couples are Jesse Bray and Deb Chubb, Felipe Gomes and Courtney Boerner, Sereniti Springs and Tyler Radziszewski, and Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison — all of whom seem solid at the moment.

Once Chazz and Bria enter the villa, all bets are off. The Bryant siblings have it going on, so they should each garner some attention.

The one thing that could be an issue for Bria and Chazz is the fact they are in the villa with their sibling, which could obviously make for an uncomfortable environment.

What do you think of siblings going on Love Island USA together?

Love Island USA airs Tuesday-Sunday at 9/8c on Peacock.

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