Tyler on Love Island USA: Who is the new hunk in the villa?

Who is Love Island USA bombshell Tyler Radziszewski?
Tyler has all the ladies in the villa drooling on Love Island USA. Pic credit: Peacock

Tyler Radziszewski is the new Love Island USA Season 4 hunk spicing this up in the villa.

The blonde-haired hottie was referred to as Tarzan by Jesse Bray, and that’s a perfect name for him. Tyler’s long curly locks, smile, and killer physique made the ladies in the villa soon.

While the female islanders were drooling over Tyler, the guys were feeling the need to up their game. A move the male islanders needed to do because all the ladies want a piece of Tyler.

There’s no question that the 23-year-old has taken Season 4 of Love Island USA to the next level.

As a recoupling looms, Tyler has his pick of ladies in the villa. Valerie Bragg and Sereniti Springs have their sights set on Tyler as they both just realized they are not coupled up with the right people.

So, what else should Love Island USA viewers know about Tyler? Let’s take a look.

Who is Tyler on Love Island USA?

Tyler is a 23-year-old from Ohio who is working toward his Ph.D. According to his Facebook profile, Tyler has been working toward his Doctorate in Occupational Therapy with an emphasis on Exercise Science.

It’s pretty clear from Tyler’s fit-bod that health and wellness are important to him. Then again, he also played football in high school and college, so that definitely attributed to his interest in fitness.

Tyler’s Instagram bio @tradz47 gives no details on him other than his current stint on Love Island USA. His feed is filled with photos of him hanging with pals, playing football, and enjoying some family time.

What do Love Island USA fans think of hunky Tyler?

Twitter was on fire after Tyler entered the villa, with Love Island USA fans giving their thoughts on everything about him.

One user admitted to judging Tyler for admitting he’s fine.

A different user was already shipping Tyler with Sereniti.

There was even a remark that Tyler was a mix between Johnny Depp and Jason Momoa.

Social media is here for Tyler right now, but that may change once the first recoupling happens. Since there are more females than males, one single lady will be sent packing.

Tyler’s the new guy on the block, so he may earn some backlash should a fan favorite like Sereniti gets sent home.

One thing is for sure Tyler Radziszewski has a tough choice to make because a few ladies want to couple up with him. Things are about to get insane in the Love Island USA villa.

Who do you think Tyler should couple up with?

Love Island USA airs Tuesday-Sunday at 9/8c on Peacock.

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