Love Island USA viewers compare Sarah Hyland to Arielle Vandenberg after Season 4 premiere

Arielle Vandenberg and Sarah Hyland Love Island USA hosts
Love Island USA viewers have thoughts on the new host, Sarah. Pic credit: ©

Love Island USA viewers are comparing Sarah Hyland to Arielle Vandenberg after the Season 4 premiere hit Peacock.

After months of anticipation, the new steamier version of Love Island USA on Peacock is finally here. The streaming service decided to treat the show like a network show in terms of when it airs.

Instead of dropping at midnight like other Peacock originals such as Below Deck Down Under, Love Island USA drops at 9/8c Tuesday-Sunday.

Although the Peacock version has the same format as the CBS version, there are a few noticeable changes for viewers. Aside from the decked-out villa, the other two major changes are a new host and narrator.

Peacock revealed last month that Sarah would take over hosting duties from Arielle. Love Island UK narrator Iain Stirling replaced Matthew Hoffman as the voice of the show.

Now that Season 4 has premiered, viewers have lots of thoughts on these changes, especially Sarah as a host.

Love Island USA viewers compare Sarah Hyland to Arielle Vandenberg

It didn’t take long for Twitter to explode with thoughts on the new version of Love Island USA. One hot topic was, of course, Arielle not being the host.

One user was blunt and to the point, declaring that Arielle was “classy and sexy” while Sarah looks like a “dressed up toddler.”

A different fan thought Arielle was “pretty” but feels that Sarah is “cheesy and awkward.” There was also a mention of Arielle’s walk, which was more of a slow sexy strut, and how the new hosts’ walk was not it.

Another one was simply not feeling Sarah and wanted Arielle back on Love Island USA.

Comments on Sarah as Love Island USA host.
Pic credit: Pic credit: @Breeezyyy8/@badcatholicguy/@CandidlyB/Twitter

While there were certainly a lot of comparisons, a good portion of Twitter just missed having Arielle as the host.

Love Island USA fans love Sarah Hyland but miss Arielle Vandenberg

Not everyone was dissing Sarah as the host or comparing her to how Arielle was in the past. A couple of Twitter users admitted to loving Sarah but also wondering what’s up with Arielle.

One Twitter opted for a Jim Carrey GIF to express their thoughts on the host switcheroo.

There was also a user who showed Love for Sarah but also made a note of Arielle and her long sexy legs.

Sarah Hyland has taken over Love Island USA hosting duties from Arielle Vandenberg, and fans can’t stop comparing them.

The new season did just get started, and change is never easy. It will be interesting to see if opinions change before the end of Season 4.

What do you think of Sarah as host so far?

Love Island USA airs Tuesday-Sunday at 9/8c on Peacock.

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1 year ago

I miss Arielle and Matt big time. I think I’ll watch reruns. Arielle Vandenberg and Matt were absolutely outstanding!!