Chantel Everett reunites with BFF Obed in Atlanta

Chantel Everett - Obed Corporan
Chantel Everett and Obed Corporan reunited in Atlanta earlier this week. Pic credit: @obed_corporan/Instagram

The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett reunited with her good friend, Obed Corporan. The duo shared a glimpse of their reunion, which brought back memories to fans.

Avid viewers of 90 Day Fiance may well remember Obed as Chantel’s ever-loyal BFF in the Dominican Republic. The two showed their close relationship, which easily became one of the highlights of the show.

The Family Chantel: Obed Corporan reunited with Chantel Everett

Chantel Everett just had a mini-reunion with her close pal, Obed Corporan. The Family Chantel celeb and her friend were spotted together in Atlanta enjoying each other’s company.

Obed shared some photos from their outing at The Battery Atlanta. Chantel rocked a leopard print fitted jumpsuit. Obed, on the other hand, kept it simple with his casual outfit.

The TLC stars appeared to have a blast as they bonded with their friends. “Great night with great friends,” Obed captioned the post. “Loving ATL.”

It seemed Obed arrived in Atlanta on Saturday, sharing a photo of himself at Atlanta International Airport. By the looks of it, Obed has been in the country since last year.

A look back at Chantel and Obed’s friendship

For a refresher, Chantel Everett met Obed Corporan during her first trip to the Dominican Republic. The two instantly clicked and have been close ever since.

They reunited again after Chantel followed Pedro in the DR in hopes of fixing their marriage. But Obed’s shocking revelations got Chantel doubting her husband’s real intentions.

During an episode of 90 Day Fiance, Obed claimed Pedro and his family have been playing her all along. He alleged that Chantel’s marriage with Pedro was a setup and that his family was the one who planned it.

“I feel bad for being the person that brings this up to you. If you came here to fix your marriage, you should know the whole history,” Obed said during the episode. “I feel that it was a setup. They arranged for Pedro to meet you and you to fall in love with him.”

What is Obed’s past with the Jimenos?

Obed Corporan claimed that he’s a family friend of Pedro Jimeno. The 90 Day Fiance guest star said he’s the only one who knows them “for real.”

Obed claimed he felt it’s his duty to tell Chantel Everett the “truth” about the Jimenos. In the same episode, he alleged that he had a similar experience with the family and wanted to warn Chantel about it.

“They did something like, similar to me so I know how bad they are and she needs to know what she got into with Pedro and his family,” he added.

Despite Obed’s warning, Chantel goes on to fight for her marriage with Pedro. The two seemed to have worked on their issues and are still happily living together.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus on TLC.