Cassie Randolph pops champagne on the beach after achieving this life goal

cassie randolph
Former Bachelor contestant Cassie Randolph couldn’t contain her joy after earning her masters degree. Pic credit: @cassierandolph/Instagram

Former Bachelor star Cassie Randolph popped champagne on the beach after achieving this life goal.

In a slideshow of eight images, Cassie celebrated her graduation with a masters degree in Speech Language Pathology.

The gorgeous blonde wore a black graduation gown and cap as she held a bottle of champagne and stood at the shoreline.

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In a lengthy caption, Cassie wrote of her fears, the challenges she faced, and the accomplishments and goals she met throughout grad school.

She spoke of many things throughout her years in education and said there was still one more goal set that she must meet.

Cassie revealed that she would now like to earn her CCC or Certificate of Clinical Competence Special Education.

Cassie shared her innermost feelings in a passionate caption

Cassie claimed that the year following her initial college degree have been met with a degree of difficulty. She felt strong and proud that she persevered through it all, and achieved this life goal.

The slideshow of images she shared with her followers expressed her happiness.

“Yesterday I became Cassandra Randolph M.S., SLP (now to earn my CCC’s)! It’s hard to believe grad school is over! I have definitely shed some sentimental tears thinking about this chapter of my life officially coming to a close,” she penned.

“It’s been a long road full of late nights, early mornings, homework on the go (in cars, planes, overseas), 400+ clock hours and 6 different internships, many stress tears, intense study sessions, exams, lots of procrastination, and moments where I questioned why I was sticking with this in the first place,” Cassie continued.

She said that now, being at the end of this road, she is happy she took the leap of faith and continued in her studies.

Cassie said she said she loves her profession and that speech-language pathology is the type of career that will bring so much fulfillment and joy to the rest of her life.

Cassie thanked everyone that helped her up and over her education hill

The former reality star was thankful for the “amazing professors and cohort” that worked alongside her for these last few years at UWEC.

“I’m also so lucky to have had the best family and friend support system, constantly having to deal with my stress and even volunteering to role play as my pretend clients when needed (check out the last video slide). Love you all,” Cassie wrote.

Admitting she felt sentimental about her accomplishments, Cassie was elated as she wrote, “Anywho, I’M A GRAD SCHOOL GRAD! Class of 2021, WE DID IT!”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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