Caryn Chandler moving permanently to Arizona, says LPBW source

Caryn Chandler IG selfie
A source says Caryn is leaving Oregon for Arizona. Pic credit: @carynchandler1/Instagram

Is Caryn Chandler leaving Oregon to relocate to Arizona permanently? That’s the case, according to a Little People, Big World insider.

Caryn and her boyfriend, Matt Roloff, frequently visit Surprise, Arizona, where they own a vacation home that once belonged to Caryn’s parents.

Although the home in sunny Arizona serves as their vacation getaway, a source says that Caryn has plans to move there permanently and soon.

Speaking with The Sun, the source divulged, “Caryn is planning to move to Arizona full-time, likely by January.”

According to the family insider, Caryn has wanted to relocate there for a while. The former Roloff Farms employee would rent out her home in Oregon while she and Matt plan for their future.

Reportedly, Caryn no longer wants to film for LPBW, and the move would allow her to escape the Roloff family drama, which is currently playing out this season on the show.

Will Matt Roloff join girlfriend Caryn Chandler in moving to Arizona?

Whether Matt would join Caryn in Arizona is still up for debate, with the source noting, “[Caryn is] letting [Matt] make his own decision about it, but she’d rather not be involved anymore.”

Season 24 of LPBW kicked off this fall, and viewers are watching the ramifications of Matt’s failed negotiations with his son Zach play out.

Tensions are still high among the Roloff family this season on LPBW

Zach and his twin brother Jeremy Roloff were hopeful they would at least inherit a portion of the farm where Matt and Amy Roloff raised them alongside their siblings, Molly and Jacob.

However, that wasn’t the case — Matt made it clear that his children should at least earn a portion of anything they’re given and claimed that he never told his kids they would inherit the farm.

Matt confessed during an episode this season, “A lot of people say that I told the kids that they would inherit this property, and I never said anybody would inherit it.”

After negotiations fell through, Zach and his wife Tori relocated their family from Oregon to Battle Ground, Washington. They’re happy in their new town, building a life for their three kids, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah.

However, tensions are still high between Zach and Tori and Matt and Caryn. In fact, Zach admitted this season that he and Tori had no plans to introduce their son, Josiah, to Caryn.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

So glad Caren is moving away from Matt’s kids, especially Zack and Tori, These two are not nice people at all. Zack was brought up SPOILED. He was given a wonderful childhood until he met the shrew Tori while in school. She controls him with an iron fist and he walks around with a noose thru his nose for her to control.Never liked her nor did I trust her. Caryn does not deserve the bad treatment from his kids. Good for her moving to AZ. Tori, thinks she is the queen in that family and thinks she is the only one ever to have kids. I hope Matt will move and get away from his spoiled kids. He deserves to be happy and he is one heck of a nice guy. But he must stay away from his ex wife and her new husband. Not a good idea to be friends.

1 year ago
Reply to  BETTY

I can’t believe how ungrateful Matt’s kids, in particular, Zach are! Their Father (not just their Mother) gave them a wonderful childhood! Look at everything Matt built for them to enjoy! Zach needs to grow up and give his Father the respect he deserves! It is so sad to see how entitled Zach and Tori are regarding the farm! Oh and how about all those trips the Roloffs took where they included Tori!

And…..poor Caryn! She was so good to them and this is how they repay her! Just a couple of SPOILED, DISRESPECTFUL and IMMATURE “kids”! Why does Caryn get blamed for this whole situation? These kids expected to inherit the farm without doing the work required to maintain it.

Amy is making sure she stays right in the middle of the mess with her subtle comments! She is supposed to be happy so why does she still react the way she does? Like Mother, like Son!

1 year ago
Reply to  Leenie777

You only know the exposed world as the series is set up to interject and show you. Once you are a personal and intimate friend” you “might, just might” be give an unbiased comment regarding each of their lives!