Carly Waddell speaks out, explains reason for trip to ER with Evan Bass

Carly Waddell marries Evan Bass on BIP
Carly Waddell shares an update on her health following a recent trip to the ER accompanied by Evan Bass Pic credit: ABC

Carly Waddell recently updated fans on her health following a stint in the emergency room last week.

While Carly separated from her husband Evan Bass back in December following three years of marriage, he was there by her side as she received medical attention.

Carly had been getting ready to board a plane when she suddenly felt extremely sick. Paramedics boarded her flight and took her to a nearby hospital where Evan accompanied her.

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He shared updates on his Instagram stories including a photo of Carly asleep in a hospital bed with the caption, “Carly’s first ambulance ride – she’s gonna be ok and, my goodness, this brings back some memories.”

He then shared a longer post thanking his followers for their prayers and support. He said that Carly remained in “pretty rough shape” after spending nine hours in the hospital.

He acknowledged that many people wanted to know what was going on but he said, “it’s her health and story to tell if she wants to share.”

Evan shares update on Carly's health scare
Evan shares update on Carly’s health scare Pic credit: @theebass/Instagram
Evan shares update on Carly's health scare
Evan shares update on Carly’s health scare Pic credit: @theebass/Instagram

Nearly a week later, Carly finally spoke out via Instagram about her medical scare and provided more details on her current condition.

Carly Waddell gives health update following recent ER trip with Evan Bass

Carly shared a video on her Instagram page to provide more details about her ER trip and how she is feeling currently.

Carly shares health update a week after ER visit
Carly shares health update a week after ER visit Pic credit: @carlywad/Instagram

She told fans that things got “dicey” at one point. She described having “really bad intestinal cramps” which became progressively worse as she boarded the plane.

Carly detailed how at one point she “couldn’t breathe anymore.”

She compared the stomach cramps to the same contractions she had while giving birth.

She noted, “I got super, super hot and super, super nauseous, and I stopped being able to see and I stopped being able to hear.”

Carly tried to leave the flight but “passed out” when she stood up, prompting paramedics to board the plane and take her to the hospital.

She said, “I probably threw up 20 times. I was so dehydrated somehow that they couldn’t…they stuck me, I don’t know, 200 times — probably at least 20…They couldn’t get blood out for forever.”

She continued, “They said it was probably a virus or bacteria that just got me and got me really good. I don’t really have any answers. I just was, like, really down for the count. The only thing that really helped was fluid and time.”

Carly continues to have some cramping and nausea but not to the same extent as before.

Carly and Evan’s current relationship status

After falling in love on Bachelor in Paradise, Carly and Evan split up just before this past Christmas following three years of marriage. They’ve been co-parenting their two children Bella, 2, and Charlie, 18 months.

Their breakup was a shock to much of Bachelor Nation, and neither of them gave too many details of why they chose to go their separate ways, but Carly did speak out and said it was Evan’s decision.

Carly explained that they spent a lot of time in therapy together but were not able to make things work.

Despite their split, Evan was the first person by her side when she had her recent health scare, leading fans to wonder whether there is hope for them to rekindle their relationship.

For now, Carly appears to be doing well as she continues to recover from her recent scare.

Bachelor in Paradise returns on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c on ABC.

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