Captain Lee Rosbach spotted hanging out with this Below Deck celebrity charter guest at their mansion

Captain Lee
Captain Lee spent time with a Below Deck charter guest at their mansion. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee was seen hanging out with an alumni Below Deck charter guest at their mansion where he got a tour.

That charter guest is “The Queen of Versailles” Jackie Siegel who was on Season 4 of Below Deck Med with Captain Sandy and Season 8 of Below Deck with Captain Lee.

The most notable moment of Captain Lee’s interaction with Jackie and her husband David was when Captain Lee became emotional over the loss of his son in 2019 from an overdose after David brought up he and Jackie’s daughter’s fatal overdose in 2015.

Things continued to be emotionally heavy during the dinner that Captain Lee joined them for after the topic of their children was brought up again and the captain had to excuse himself to collect his feelings.

Despite the intensity of their interaction on board, it appears that Captain Lee kept in contact with Jackie enough to take a visit to her Florida mansion.

Captain Lee hung out with ‘The Queen of Versailles’ Jackie Siegel at her mansion

Jackie Siegel is better known by her nickname “The Queen of Versailles” and she is famous for being an extremely wealthy American socialite who was the subject of the 2012 documentary, The Queen of Versailles, which detailed her lavish house, life, and family.

Jackie, her resort tycoon husband David, and Captain Lee, who are all Floridians, bonded over the loss of one of their children to drug overdoses and seem to have remained friendly since.

In an Instagram post, Jackie posted several pictures of her and Captain Lee smiling together in front of her mansion in Windmere, Florida.

She captioned the post, “You guys (lips emoji) look who came to visit me and take a tour of Versailles? @captain_lee_rosbach!!David and I love him so much.”

Captain Lee Rosbach has been facing backlash for his response to the Heather Chase and Rayna Lindsey situation

Heather Chase’s use of the N-word in front of Rayna Lindsey sent shock waves through the yacht and Below Deck community with many viewers feeling divided on how Heather, Rayna, Eddie Lucas, and Captain Lee handled the incident.

While Heather apologized on and off camera, Rayna continued to enlarge the issue online and on the show which has caused many to question where the leadership of Eddie and Captain Lee was.

Eddie apologized for the way everything went down and added that producers handled the situation poorly.

Captain Lee said he addressed the situation in his two blogs and that at the time he was receiving criticism for inaction he had not heard about what went down yet. He also condemned Heather’s behavior during the latest episode with hints that it will be addressed further.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Tracy McKenna
Tracy McKenna
1 year ago

Grammar Correction: “after David brought up he and Jackie’s daughter’s fatal overdose in 2015.” It should be “after David brought up his and Jackie’s daughter’s fatal overdose in 2015.” He is nominative- it can only be used as the subject e.g He and Jackie had a daughter who died. He went to the store. His is possessive. His daughter died of a drug overdose. His book is on the shelf. Lee went to his house. If you are bothered by the proper noun and the pronoun, then say: Jackie and his daughter … or “Their daughter…” “Their house.