Below Deck fans sound off on Bravo not addressing Heather Chase saying N-word on show

Below Deck fans put Bravo on blast for ignoring racial slur used on show.
Heather Chase and Bravo have come under fire for her actions on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans are sounding off on Bravo not addressing Heather Chase saying the N-word on Season 9 of the yachting show.

The most recent episode of Below Deck Season 9 featured Heather using the racial slur a couple of times. Things escalated when Rayna Lindsey tried to explain to Heather why the word was inappropriate. Heather denied saying it and got offended at what Rayna was saying.

Rayna informed first-office Eddie Lucas that she was upset by Heather using that word. Eddie didn’t react in a way that made Rayna feel heard.

Since the episode aired, Heather used Instagram to issue an apology, but Below Deck fans didn’t buy it. Meanwhile, Rayna has blasted Eddie, Captain Lee Rosbach, and Bravo for not dealing with the situation.

Captain Lee did address the incident in his weekly blog. However, Bravo has not acknowledged what happened, and Below Deck fans are outraged.

Below Deck fans sound off on Bravo for not addressing Heather saying N-word

Twitter was buzzing from the moment Heather first said the N-word on Below Deck. The network was called out for airing the racial slur.

A couple of users put Bravo on blast for not having a disclaimer at the end of the episode and also how the network is setting a precedent.

Below Deck fans blast Bravo
Pic credit: @P_Nixx/Twitter and @ItsEasyPeasyE/Twitter

One user declared Bravo is gaslighting fans, while another referenced how the network dealt with the Kenya Native American costume.

Below Deck fans thinks Bravo gaslighting fans.
Pic credit: @letoiIe/Twitter

It didn’t help that Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen was a repeat following the episode. The show was suddenly on hiatus all week, which only added fuel to the fire.

Below Deck fans slam Watch What Happens Live for airing reruns.
Pic credit: @ezirbs/Twitter

Below Deck fans even took aim at Andy for keeping silent on the topic.

Below Deck fan wants Andy Cohen to address racial slur.
Pic credit: @bisexuallyangry/Twitter

Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med slams Bravo too

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Lexi Wilson had her own issues with the network and show. Lexi slammed Bravo more than once as her season played out on screen.

The fired stew showed up in the comments section of the official Bravo Below Deck Instagram account @belowdeckbravo.

Lexi warned black women to stay away from the network as she recalled how she was treated for saying an inappropriate word on the show.

Lexi Wilson slams Bravo.
Pic credit: @belowdeckbravo/Instagram

When a fan replied to Lexi’s comment saying Bravo is normalizing the behavior, Lexi called the network hypocrites who want to “protect white reputation.”

Lexi Wilson and Below Deck fan slam Bravo
Pic credit: @belowdeckbravo/Instagram

@belowdeckbravo has not posted anything since Monday, which was a post promoting that night’s episode.

The drama on Season 9 of Below Deck has taken a turn that viewers never saw coming. Bravo keeping quiet on Heather Chase using a racial slur isn’t sitting well with fans, especially since it has been days since the episode aired.

Do you think Bravo will address Heather using the word or keep ignoring it?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

It was a song for goodness sake. Heather and Rayana were drunk singing a song with the N word in it. Heather apologized too many times and Rayana accepted her apology and said it was fine. Then proceeded to whine the rest of the season. Had Rayana been doing her job instead of sleeping with the deck hands, she might have gotten more respect. She started it, she exaggerated it, and it appears she isn’t done. Get a life girl. Get a job you can do.