Captain Lee Rosbach speaks out about racial slur said on Below Deck

Below Deck's Captain Lee addressed the N-word said on Bravo show.
Captain Lee won’t tolerate the N-word said on his boat. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach spoke out about the racial slur said on Below Deck during the most recent episode.

Heather Chase repeated the N-word after Rayna Lindsey said it during another drunk crew night out. Later, the chief stew said it again, resulting in Rayna trying to explain why Heather should never use that word.

The tension mounted when Heather denied saying it and complained to chef Rachel Hargrove that Rayna made her feel bad. Rayna was upset the next day with Heather, even talking to Eddie Lucas about it.

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After the episode aired, Heather apologized for saying the racial slur, but Below Deck fans are not happy with her. The same night, Rayna called out Eddie, Captain Lee Rosbach, and Bravo for not handling the situation properly or really at all.

Now it’s Captain Lee’s turn to speak out. The captain has been recovering from spinal surgery the past couple of days but is still addressing the issue.

Captain Lee Rosbach speaks out about racial slur on Below Deck

In his weekly blog, Captain Lee wasted no time getting to the point about the racial slur used.

“My, my! This has certainly devolved into something I didn’t see coming this season, but like I always do with the elephant in the room, let’s take this head-on. I was truly disgusted by some words used in this week’s episode that I will not repeat; I find them despicable,” he wrote.

The captain made it crystal clear that kind of language would not be tolerated on his boat.

“The word I heard used casually on this week’s episode is not one I tolerate in any way, shape, or form on my boat. Nor will I ever, moving forward. I wish I knew about it earlier and swift action would have been taken, but let me be very clear, it isn’t acceptable, ever,” Captain Lee stated.

Captain Lee has advice for Heather Chase

While the captain didn’t call out Heather for saying the N-word, he did give her some advice, and it’s something she has heard from him before.

“You may want to rethink how you work and play with your crew on nights out. You can have fun, but sometimes too much fun can cause issues as we are learning,” the captain said.

Season 9 of Below Deck took quite a turn this week when Heather Chase said the N-word a couple of times. Captain Lee Rosbach has spoken out on the subject. However, he has yet to address the accusations made by Rayna Lindsey via her Instagram Stories.

Stay tuned Below Deck fans this story is far from over.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.