Below Deck charter guest Stacie Maier shares unedited truth of Season 9 charter

Stacie Maier from Below Deck reveals what it was really like to be on Bravo show.
Stacie wishes Below Deck viewers could see the uncut version of her group’s charter. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck charter guest Stacie Maier shares unedited truth about her group’s Season 9 charter.

Stacie is the wife of primary charter guest Jeremy Morton. Their group is remembered for her youngest son, Alexander, carrying a case full of cash onto My Seanna.

The guests were a welcome change for the crew after Justin Richards and Michael Durham’s drunken behavior. A good time was had by all as Stacie previously gushed over the crew, calling the experience a “dream come true.”

Jeremy, Stacie, and their friends left an excellent tip for the crew — $25,000 to be exact. Now Stacie is sharing the truth about the charter and crew that Below Deck viewers didn’t get to see on-screen.

Stacie Maier gives an uncut version of Below Deck Season 9 crew

In a recent Instagram post, Stacie got real about her time on Below Deck. The charter was unbelievable, and Stacie wanted Below Deck fans to truly know how great the My Seanna crew was to her group.

“There were many moments that were edited out. If everyone could see the uncut version, you would see the heartfelt conversations I had with @fraserolender The kindness and love from @heatherkapiolani the patience from @eddielucas and @raynalindsey while we fished for what felt like forever,” she wrote in her message. “The magic that @chefrachelhargrove created for all of us (even me, the vegetarian), The kindness from @sailingwes when he gave me a book that was special to him and the laughter @jakefoulger1 gave all of us.”

Below Deck charter guest shares unedited truth of charter

Stacie also gave a shout-out to Captain Lee Rosbach before letting Below Deck fans know the unedited truth about her group’s stint on the show.

“What I wish everyone saw was the tenderness from @captain_lee_rosbach when we spoke about loss and losing loved ones to an overdose. The unedited truth is @belowdeckbravo and @bravotv was a dream come true and to everyone that was a part of our magical time… Thank you for everything,” she ended her Instagram post.

It’s not uncommon for Below Deck charter guests to become friends with the crew members. One of those guests is Stacie. Her Instagram feed is filled with messages getting real about her time on the yachting show. The friendships that she formed are clearly very special to Stacie.

Not all Below Deck charter guests are over the top or drama-filled. Many of them are wonderful people just looking to have a great vacation, like Stacie Maier and her group. It’s nice to hear when Below Deck guests form a deep bond with the crew outside of the show.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this article. I really wish we could see the episodes unedited !!