Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang suffers miscarriage, shares honest and heartbreaking story with fans

Adrienne Gang from Below Deck reveals she suffered miscarriage.
Adrienne shared her miscarriage story to help others not feel alone like she did. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang suffered a miscarriage recently and is now sharing her honest, heartbreaking story with fans.

The Season 1 chief stew got real and raw about her loss during an interview with Below Deck Mediterranean alum Tiffany Copeland on the Gangplank Report podcast. Adrienne hosts the podcast with her good friend and Below Deck superfan Jen Bennington.

Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang suffered a miscarriage

Tiffany’s baby girl Amelia Rose Jones, born in July 2021, joined the ladies for their chat. After discussing all things Below Deck Season 9, Adrienne revealed she suffered a miscarriage.

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“We had planned this podcast to do this a couple of weeks ago for right around now for a very specific reason,” Adrienne shared. “I am going to try to do this without crying. Andrew and I were going to announce that we were having our first baby. And that was supposed to be sometime around June, which would have made Amelia 11 months older, and unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, I had a miscarriage.”

Instead of having a fun, exciting announcement to share with Below Deck fans, Adrienne shared her experience in hopes of helping others who have suffered a miscarriage.

“I lost the baby at about seven weeks, and it took me a couple of more weeks to find that out because nothing happened. It wasn’t until I went in for a regular ultrasound appointment that they told me. And apparently, that happens a lot and especially in that first trimester,” she expressed.

Like many women, Adrienne wondered if she somehow caused the miscarriage to happen. However, Adrienne soon learned she was one of many women who had suffered the same loss.

“What I have learned through this process is how many women I know in person that before this that I never knew had miscarriages. And it’s wild how many people I know that have gone through this, and I never knew about it because it’s not something that anybody ever really talks about,” Adrienne said.

She admitted talking to people who have suffered a miscarriage and went on to have children gave Adrienne comfort.

Adrienne reveals why she chose to open up about her miscarriage

Although the conversations surrounding miscarriages have changed over the past couple of years, many still feel alone when suffering from one. Adrienne felt that way.

“The first couple of days, I didn’t really tell much of anybody, and it felt very lonely,” she stated. “Because it’s so early on, even my husband – I mean, he was really sad. But it’s one of those things that it’s harder for him to process because there wasn’t anything visible that was different about me. And it was sad, but I still felt very lonely.”

That lonely feeling inspired Adrienne to share her story, even though the miscarriage was so recent.

“I guess I want everybody to know that you’re not alone. If it’s something that you’ve been through, and you haven’t talked to anybody about it. I’m happy to have conversations about it,” Adrienne explained.

It’s been years since Below Deck fans have seen Adrienne Gang on the show. She still watches the hit yachting show, which was one reason Adrienne and Jen started the Gangplank Report podcast.

The podcast was the perfect place for Adrienne to share her miscarriage story to let other women know they are not alone.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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