Below Deck: Rayna Lindsey blasts Bravo, Captain Lee, and Eddie Lucas for response to Heather Chase racial slur

Rayna Lindsey from Below Deck calls out Bravo, Captain Lee Rosbach and Eddie Lucas over handling of Heather Chase using the N-word.
Rayna isn’t holding back when it comes to her true feelings about Bravo and her Below Deck colleagues. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Rayna Lindsey has blasted Bravo, Captain Lee Rosbach, and Eddie Lucas for their reaction to Heather Chase using a racial slur on the show.

The most recent episode featured Heather using the N-word. Later, there was a tense exchange between Rayna and Heather when Heather denied saying it, and Rayna tried to explain why it was not okay to say.

Heather went to her cabin to inform chef Rachel Hargrove that Rayna made her feel bad. The next day Rayna was bothered by Heather’s words. Rayna told first-officer Eddie Lucas about it, but didn’t get a super supportive response.

Now, as Heather publicly apologizes for her actions, Rayna is calling out Bravo, Captain Lee, and Eddie for their reaction to the incident.

Rayna calls out Bravo for the handling of Heather saying the N-word on Below Deck

Following the episode, Rayna used Instagram to answer Below Deck fan questions. The deckhand was brutally honest and blunt as she sifted through the questions that focused on the show’s recent episode.

Bravo has come under fire from Rayna and Below Deck viewers because nothing was done about Heather saying the N-word. One user slammed the network for not doing better by Black women, while another called out production for not getting involved.

Below Deck fans blast Bravo
Pic credit: @raynalindsey/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Bravo has been put on blast for racial issues. The network was slammed for airing footage of Jen Shah’s son leaving her home with his hands up as police stormed the house during her arrest.

Rayna agreed with one user to share the hope Bravo makes an example out of Heather. She expressed her disappointment over Heather getting rewarded all season, especially after what happened with Below Deck Mediterranean alum Peter Hunziker.

Rayna and Below Deck fans blast Bravo
Pic credit: @raynalindsey/Instagram

Below Deck’s Rayna slams Captain Lee and Eddie how they responded to Heather saying racial slur

According to Rayna, there is plenty of blame to go around for the mishandling of Heather saying a racial slur on the show.

Below Deck fans wanted to know if Captain Lee knew about what Heather said and its toll on Rayna. The deckhand admitted he did but didn’t care.

Below Deck fans question Captain Lee.
Pic credit: @raynalindsey/Instagram

Rayna explained that Captain Lee supported Heather, noting he wants to bring her back. She also shared that the situation takes a toll on her for the rest of the season.

Rayna sounds off on Captain Lee, Eddie and Heather.
Pic credit: @raynalindsey/Instagram

As for the rest of the crew, Rayna spilled everyone said they were sorry that happened to her except Captain Lee and Eddie. The deckhand indicated that their apology footage might not air because it was so bad.

Rayna from Below Deck opens p about Below Deck crew.
Pic credit: @raynalindsey/Instagram

It sounds like Below Deck fans are in for one roller coaster of a ride for the remainder of Season 9. Rayna Lindsey has hinted the season takes a turn, at least for her, after Heather Chase said the N-word.

Bravo, Eddie Lucas, and Captain Lee Rsobach have all been put on blast by Rayna for their response to the situation. Thanks to her Instagram Q&A, Below Deck fans know she has a lot to say about what occurred during filming.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.