Captain Lee Rosbach says he did not throw shade at Below Deck’s Hannah Ferrier

Captain Lee Rosbach is fine with Hannah Ferrier despite reports.
There is no beef between Captain Lee and Below Deck Med chief stew Hannah Ferrier. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach did not throw shade at Below Deck chief stew Hannah Ferrier, despite some social media rumors indicating otherwise.

Both Captain Lee and Hannah have set the record straight on their relationship and the incorrect reports. The two want fans to know that there is no drama – so people should stop trying to create some.

Captain Lee did not throw shade at Hannah Ferrier

Last month, Captain Lee opened up regarding his beloved friend and chief stew, Kate Chastain, leaving Below Deck after six seasons. The captain spoke with Hollywood Life, revealing how he found out she was exiting the Bravo show, as well as qualifications for her replacement.

There was no mention of Hannah or Below Deck Sailing Yacht chief stew Jenna MacGillivray. However, Twitter became a buzz with accusations that the qualifications Captain Lee listed for his new chief stew were a diss at both Jenna and Hannah.

Hannah decided to squash the rumor first by responding to the tweet, which has now been deleted.

“Where exactly did he throw shade?? I didn’t see him saying any negative about me in that article,” she asked the Twitter user.

Not long after Hannah responded, Captain Lee, answered to make it crystal clear there is no drama.

“That’s because I didn’t nor would I. Anyone that knows me knows I would not do that. Not going to start now. You are correct, Hannah,” the good captain stated.

The Kate comparison

Captain Lee has never compared Hannah or Jenna to his pal Kate. Fans, on the other hand, have continuously compared the three chief stews.

All of the ladies have different styles of doing their job. Kate has always been the queen bee of the chief stews, probably because she was part of the Below Deck family for so many seasons.

Kate herself even said at BravoCon last year that she and Hannah approach the job of chief stew differently. She also spilled that she and Hannah are no longer friends. But that is for another day.

Hannah did request that fans to stop sending her negative messages regarding Jenna. Hannah also asked fans to hold off on judging Jenna until the entire season had played out on television.

It is not Captain Lee Rosbach’s style to diss anyone, and that includes Below Deck star, Hannah Ferrier.

Below Deck Med returns this summer on Bravo.

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