Captain Glenn Shephard teases Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Captain Glenn weighs in on Season 3 reunion.
Captain Glenn and crew are gearing up for the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 reunion show. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Glenn Shephard has teased the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 reunion show as things begin to wind down for the hit sailing show.

It’s been one roller coaster ride for the Parsifal III crew with demanding charter guests like Erica Rose and Dr. Kim Nichols, something the captain also commented on recently. There’s also been a slew of crew drama that include Tom Pearson being fired and Gabriela Barragan opting to leave for her own mental health.

While the captain manages to stay out of the on-screen craziness, he knows there will be a lot to talk about at the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 reunion show.

Captain Glenn Shephard talks about Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 reunion

Last month Captain Glenn appeared at the Bravo upfronts alongside some of the most beloved members of the Below Deck family. It was there that the captain opened up to The Daily Dish about the highly anticipated reunion show.

“We had some issues. We lost a couple crew members. We had one kind of event that was, you know, not ideal,” he expressed, referring to losing Gabriela and Tom.

The infamous anchor dragging incident, which led to Tom’s departure will, of course, be discussed.

“I’ve been 22 years in superyachts, never had that particular thing where we had the storm, and the person who’s meant to be watching the anchor watch didn’t do their job correctly, and we ended up stopping in shallow water, which is very serious. So, I don’t know. We’ll probably address stuff like that,” he told the website.

There’s no doubt that a reunion show can be stressful, especially as tensions arise and hot topics are brought up. However, Captain Glenn’s ready to reunite with the crew to dish the good, the bad, and the ugly of Season 3.

What do we know about the reunion show?

Less than a handful of episodes remain in season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. As of this writing, though, Bravo hasn’t revealed an air date, and the reunion show hasn’t even taped, either.

That doesn’t mean a cast get-together won’t happen. It could simply mean viewers are getting more episodes of Below Deck Sailing Yacht than expected, which would be good news for fans.

When the Parsifal III crew does come together, one thing is for sure. There will be plenty to talk about, including Ashley Marti’s relentlessly chasing Gary King, who had his sights set on Scarlett Bentley once she filled in for Gabriela.

Daisy Kelliher dealing with a tension-filled interior crew and kissing Gary will certainly be dished. Plus, all the hookups, fights, drinking, and hopefully, some of what Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers didn’t see will be addressed too.

Stay tuned! Details about the Season 3 reunion show should be emerging any day now.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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