Caelynn Miller-Keyes shares the sweet way Dean Unglert welcomed her back home after wine country trip

Caelynn Miller-Keyes shares the sweet way Dean Unglert welcomed her back home after wine country trip
Caelynn Miller-Keyes gets a warm welcome from Dean Unglert. Pic credit: @caelynnmillerkeyes/Instagram.

Former Bachelor in Paradise contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes has returned from a short trip to Wine Country with several of her friends. The reality TV star took to her YouTube channel to highlight what they saw and did during the trip.

By the looks of things, they enjoyed themselves, with Caelynn visiting Sonoma and Napa and saying that she’ll be back soon. While on the trip, she stayed at MacArthur Place in Sonoma.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ trip to Wine Country

The choice of where to stay was a no-brainer for the Bachelor in Paradise star. As she noted in her vlog, all of her friends told her to stay there, claiming that she’ll have the “best time” staying there.

“Everyone I talked to said, ‘Stay in Sonoma, don’t stay in Napa.’ Best time ever,” she shared.

As Caelynn’s video highlights, the former Bachelor in Paradise contestant wasn’t disappointed with what she saw. Explaining, she said, “It is so beautiful, the food’s amazing, the people are so kind. Everyone we’ve run into is so nice.”

The first impression was so good that it looks as though Caelynn will be visiting there again soon with her boyfriend Dean Unglert, possibly in July. Her vlog has subsequently been seen tens of thousands of times. She added that Dean gave her a romantic surprise when she got home.

As he was there for a few days, he already had a meal prepared, including sushi, coffee, and some nice flowers. Despite this, he wasn’t able to be at the house when she arrived, as he was recording a podcast. The waiting presents could have been his way of apologizing, something that Caelynn speculated on. She went on to note how sweet he is.

Bachelor in Paradise star gets to redecorating

She and Dean Unglert are also in the middle of redecorating the house. During the vlog, the former Bachelor in Paradise contestant highlighted some of the new additions to the house.

Some of the more notable of these include a new dining set, some new chairs, and a variety of cooking equipment. Caelynn added that the pair plan to keeping picking up more furniture and other belongings; she noted that she and Dean – whom she recently had a holiday in Mexico with – had ordered a pool table, but it hadn’t arrived by the time shooting started.

Caelynn’s relationship with Cassie Rudolph

The trip to Wine Country isn’t the only reason that Caelynn Miller-Keyes has been in the news recently. Former Bachelor in Paradise co-star Cassie Rudolph opened up about their ongoing relationship.

While the two had been extremely close during their season on the show, they haven’t been spotted together too recently. That prompted speculation that they were no longer friends. Cassie cleared things up, however, noting that they still talked but were just at different stages of their lives.

Who knows, maybe Cassie will turn up on Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert’s next trip to Wine Country.

Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c.

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