Bunch Bikes on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes these cargo bikes special and where you can buy one

Bunch Bikes is a new electric bike featured on Shark Tank.
Bunch Bikes promote a new form of transportation in cities and family fun all in one. Pic credit; ABC

People are talking about Bunch Bikes on Shark Tank, especially what makes these cargo bikes special and where you can buy one.

Bunch Bikes is changing the game for families that love to ride. The bikes are also becoming extremely popular in large cities as an alternative to using a car for a quick errand.

What makes Bunch Bikes cargo bikes so special?

Aaron Powell is the man behind Bunch Bikes. The idea came to Aaron after he spent a summer riding cargo bikes with his daughter in Denmark.

They had such a good time together that when Aaron returned to the United States, he was determined to start a business selling cargo bikes.

The electric bike, also called a tadpole-trike, consists of two front wheels that holds a large cargo box for seating. While the large cargo box was designed with families in mind, it’s also great for pets, hauling items, and shopping.

Where can you buy Bunch Bikes?

Bunch Bikes launched in 2017. There are four different cargo bike models that can be purchased on the Bunch Bikes website.

The Coupe seats up to two kids or dogs in the cargo box. Then there’s The Preschool model, which holds up to six kids, and The Original with a four-kid capacity.

Last but not least is The K9, designed specifically for dog lovers to enjoy a ride with their furry friends.

Bunch Bikes aren’t cheap, but customers can consider them an investment. Prices on the four cargo bikes range from $3,000 to $6,000, with third-party financing available if customers are approved.

Reviews for the electric bikes are full of raves. The company’s Instagram feed is filled with happy customers who praise the life-changing bike.

Aaron shared with the Dallas Business Journal he hopes the exposure from Shark Tank will be a “tipping point for people adopting a more bicycle transportation lifestyle.”

It’s not just about family time but also living a healthier life and helping the planet.

The coronavirus pandemic added a new life to Bunch Bikes.

However, Aaron struggled to keep up with the demand. One issue was due to the bikes being manufactured in Holland, so having one of the sharks’ bite could help him increase production.

As larger companies like Dominoes, Amazon, and UPS ramp up their electric bike usage in cities, Aaron could take Bunch Bikes to the next level.

First, though, he needs to solve his production problem and perhaps cost issues. That’s where the hit reality TV show can hopefully aid Aaron.

What do you think of Bunch Bikes?

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.also

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judy Ann Ulman
judy Ann Ulman
2 years ago

I think its a great idea. I dont have little kids but was thinking of groceries if you dont have a car. I love the fact that you can ride AMOST a 3 wheel bike and not be one—I have a fear of biking. I see the potential of so many things with this. Please dont give up. Its cool! (no gas is a plus)