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Briana DeJesus claims that Teen Mom 2 is scripted

Briana DeJesus on Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus claims she reads from a script on Teen Mom 2 Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus may have revealed more information than she intended to when interacting with fans following the most recent episode.

Her baby daddy Devoin Austin had taken to social media to share his frustration that his girlfriend is never talked about on the show even though they’ve been together in a stable relationship for several seasons.

Brianna clapped back at Devoin and told him that “low blow shade is corny” and said that if he wanted his girlfriend to be part of the show then he should “request it.”

The back and forth continued and when fans weighed in, it eventually led to Briana sharing a little too much information and behind the scenes details about the MTV franchise.

Briana claims Teen Mom 2 is scripted

A Teen Mom gossip page shared screenshots of the entire conversation, including a comment from Briana about the show being somewhat scripted.

Once the initial back and forth between Devoin and Briana began, neither of them backed down.

Briana let Devoin know that “they care more about my personal life than urs.”

Devoin then told her to “get over” herself, and fans weighed in with their opinion. Many criticized Briana for using Devoin and their co-parenting struggles as her entire storyline but still claiming that no one cared to know about his life.

In a response to one fan, Briana implied that her scenes are scripted and she has little control over what is said.

Briana claimed, “I don’t come up with those voice overs. That comes from the higher up. I get a script to read and record it. I don’t know which line will fit where. Saying those lines are to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on (: hope i was able to clear that up.”

Briana and Devoin continue to be at odds

It remains unknown just how much of the show is scripted, but it’s clear Briana blames that script for the amount of time she spends talking about Devoin on the show.

For the last several seasons, Briana’s storyline has centered on her co-parenting issues with Devoin as she’s complained that he doesn’t contribute enough financial support for their daughter Nova.

She’s also called him out for forgetting to pick their daughter up from gymnastics.

The two of them have been known to take their issues to social media and Devoin even went as far as sharing Briana’s cell phone number with fans last year.

Devoin is happily in a relationship with another girl and Briana recently got engaged to her boyfriend Javi Gonzalez.

While one would assume there would be less drama between them now that they are both in happy relationships, it’s clear the turmoil is far from over, scripted or not.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV

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