Bri Springs told Rachel Lindsay that she’s ‘probably not’ doing Bachelor in Paradise

Bri Springs films for After The Final Rose.
Bri Springs is strongly considering leaving her Bachelor days behind. Pic credit: ABC

Recent Bachelor contestant Bri Springs admits that a stint on the upcoming spinoff Bachelor in Paradise is “probably not” in the cards for her this season or any for that matter.

Extra reporter and former Bachelorette lead Rachel Lindsay interviewed Bri after she and Bachelor Nation learned that Bri’s segment during After The Final Rose was cut.

Rachel noted that Bri was a fan favorite, and now that she wasn’t selected as The Bachelorette, Rachel wondered if Bri would be open to appearing on Bachelor in Paradise.

“Probably not,” Bri responded.

In fact, it seems like Bri’s reality TV dating days may be done for good.

Bri appeared on Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast, during which she discussed that she is walking away from The Bachelor following the recent racism controversy.

“I think I need to see kind of some tangible change from the show in order for me to put myself back in that situation,” Bri expressed on the podcast. “That doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on dating. But I mean, maybe I’ve given up on dating on a reality TV show.”

“I think it was important to me to continue to be honest with myself and not put up a front and not, you know, say this was the best experience,” Bri added.

Bri was cut from After the Final Rose

Viewers were surprised to see that Bri wasn’t apart of Matt James’s After The Final Rose season finale. After all, she made it all the way to the top three, and many felt she didn’t get to have proper closure with Matt.

However, viewers grew even more shocked was they realized that Bri did film for ATFR, but her segments were cut.

During her interview with Rachel, she expressed that she was disappointed her segment was cut. However, Bri admitted that she understood the importance of the conversation between Matt, Rachael Kirkconnell, and Emmanuel Acho and why the network wanted to prioritize it.

Did Bri get closure from her experience on The Bachelor?

While talking with Rachel, Bri revealed whether she got closure from her unaired conversations on After The Final Rose.

Bri explained that she talked to ATFR host Emmanuel but she didn’t get the opportunity to talk to Matt, which shocked Rachel.

She then shared that she was blindsided when Matt didn’t give her a rose after the fantasy suite dates. However, she said that watching it back, she realized how strong Matt and Rachael’s connection was and that it actually gave her the closure she needed.

Now that Bri may not be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise, she can focus on getting her dream job back that she left the show for. If not, her popularity among fans could bring her success in numerous other fields.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus at ABC.

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