Braxton Family Values exclusive: Toni and Tamar talk about Trina’s bachelorette party

Toni and Tamar Braxton discuss Trina's bachelorette party on Braxton Family Values
Toni and Tamar Braxton discuss Trina’s bachelorette party on Braxton Family Values. Pic credit: We TV

Braxton Family Values returns tonight as the sisters return to We TV for what should be a very dramatic Season 7. The dynamics of the Braxton sisters have been changing, and now, with Trina’s wedding coming up, we start out with her bachelorette party and who is and is not going to be there.

In this exclusive sneak peek, Toni and Tamar discuss the upcoming bachelorette party while spending some quality time together. As they discuss the event, one of the sisters confesses that she won’t be there.

That probably won’t make Trina happy since she’d want all of her sisters there to celebrate her upcoming big day.

Toni bows out

Toni Braxton tells Tamar that she won’t be able to make it to Trina’s bachelorette party. She’s been pretty busy getting ready for her album release, and on the day of the party, she’s busy with a video shoot.

The women continue their conversation with Toni nearly nude in a flowy white onesie that shows off so much cleavage that it’s blurred out for this scene. Tamar is clearly visiting Toni on set in order to get this chat session in.

When the scene switches to Toni in a confessional, she puts on her most convincing display of regret about missing the bachelorette party. After all, Toni and her sisters haven’t had any real quality time since they got together at the winery.

It looks like Tamar is going to save the day, though, because she says that she’s going to the bachelorette party to keep Trina from being upset that neither of them showed up.

Tamar isn’t excited to go either

Tamar isn’t excited about it, though, telling Toni, “I just don’t want to go to a bachelorette party that I didn’t have anything to do with.”

The bachelorette party was all put together by Towanda, and according to Toni, that means it will probably be “sexual-ish.”

It sounds like this bachelorette party might actually be a good time even though Toni Braxton is ditching it and Tamar doesn’t want to go. After all, the name of this episode is Bachelorette Braxton Style, and it’s going to be the opener for what we already know will be a jaw-dropping season.

Watch the Braxton Family Values sneak peek below and get ready to see what goes down at the bachelorette party tonight.

The Season 7 premiere of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, November 5, at 9/8c on WE tv.

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