Braxton Family Values exclusive: Tamar trashes Trina’s ‘nasty’ bachelorette party

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Trina Braxton is trying to get her wedding organized, but Tamar loses it. PIc credit: We TV

Trina Braxton’s wedding is coming up on Braxton Family Values, and even though she is trying to get everyone on track before the big day, she’s hitting a big snag with Tamar.

As the sisters sit around a table discussing the upcoming event and what each of them needs to get done beforehand in this exclusive Braxton Family Values sneak peek, Tamar starts fussing that she never received an itinerary.

Trina sent out an email to everyone, letting them know exactly what was expected and when they needed to show up. Now, Tamar needs it re-sent even though her email address is on the original that everyone else got.

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Trina tells Tamar to just show up

Clearly flustered, Trina tells Tamar to just show up.

“Well, the wedding is at 3:30 on Sunday. All you need to do is show up,” Trina blasted.

That’s when Tamar started questioning whether any other events were leading up to the big show. And there were.

Trina told Tamar that there was, indeed, a rehearsal dinner but that she didn’t need to worry about that because she’s not in it.

However, Tamar’s son is taking part in Trina’s wedding and will need to be there, so she argued that she actually did need to see the itinerary to make sure he was where he needed to be.

Braxton family talks bachelorette party, and Tamar takes aim

When the women started to discuss the bachelorette party that was seen on the Braxton Family Values season premiere, Tamar went off.

Towanda, who organized the bachelorette party, said that it “was good.”

To that, Tamar responds, “It was the nastiest bachelorette unsafe party I’ve been to in my life!”

And when Tamar’s mom tries to argue with her about it, Tamar continues, “Mommy, I’m telling you. It was the ding-a-ling factory. Ding-a-lings everywhere you went. Hanging in your face, sitting on the table…balloons hanging around. I got ding-a-ling breath mints. I got some in my purse; would you like one?”

Tamar even accuses one of the dancers of “doing it to the fruit plate.”

As Tamar goes off about just how trashy Trina’s bachelorette party was, she offers her sister a “redo.”

A “nice, wholesome bachelorette party where we can still be safe, and we can be grown and be respectable wives because that party was just nasty!”

But does Trina really want a wholesome bachelorette party redo? Watch the clip below to see how she responds to Tamar Braxton’s latest outburst.

Tamar TRASHES the Party! | Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays at 9/8c on We TV. 

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