Brandon Reid from Season 10 of MAFS celebrates annulment, ‘never married’ to Taylor Dunklin

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin are the second couple in the Married at First Sight franchise to be granted an annulment. Pic credit: Lifetime

If there’s one match that went left real quick, it was back in Season 10 of Married at First Sight with the union of Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin.

For some, the new take on arranged marriage doesn’t work, but for these two – it really didn’t work.

While they were lucky to share a physical attraction, these newlywedded singles definitely had their major differences.

While Brandon preferred to be private with his affairs, Taylor enjoyed sharing her life with her large social media following. Their issues started only hours into the honeymoon and would only escalate as the experiment progressed.

Although the couple married in August 2019, it was shortly revealed after the season’s premiere that the two had already applied for an annulment.

Brandon celebrates annulment from his MAFS wife Taylor Dunklin

It’s clear their relationship got explosive during filming, however it’s what fans didn’t see that pushed the relationship over the edge.

At the reunion, details of a heated night at a bar between the two exes arose.

Pulling out the court fillings, Kevin Frazier revealed that both Brandon and Taylor had filed and were granted protective orders against each other.

While their stories on exactly what happened differed, it’s clear these two are better apart.

Recently, the 35 year-old celebrated cutting ties with his reality TV wife.

In a post on Facebook, the sales manager wrote, “I really had to learn family law to free my black a**. But damn it feels good to be the first man since 1922 to be granted an annulment in the lovely county of Anne Arundel, Maryland.”

Although the annulment process was obviously the more difficult route, Brandon can officially say he was ‘never married’ to Taylor because after the annulment meant just that — in the eyes of the law, his marriage to Taylor doesn’t exist.

Brandon is the second in the franchise to be granted an annulment

While Season 11 resulted in three successfully matched couples, the season based in Washington DC wasn’t so lucky.

With only one couple standing, the other matches have parted ways since the season’s debut in early 2020.

Brandon is the first to be granted an annulment in his county in Maryland but he isn’t the first husband in the franchise to make this move.

Last year, fellow Washington DC couple Meka Jones and Michael Watson were the first ever to be granted an annulment for their reality tv wedding.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime

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