Married at First Sight rumors: Another couple has called it quits and filed for an annulment

Meka and Michael
Blogger Mafsfan has shared that yet another couple from Married at First Sight has called it quits, bringing the total to three of the five couples splitting. Pic credit: Lifetime

Well, another Married at First Sight couple bites the dust. According to a bombshell dropped by blogger Mafsfan, Michael Watson and Meka Jones are now done. Michael reportedly filed for an annulment today.

The previews for the season showed Meka and Michael arguing about the fact that Michael put a time frame on when the couple would have sex. And according to the preview, the time frame was before the end of the honeymoon.

Michael and Meka looked like a good match from the beginning. The pair appeared as though they were attracted to each other and could go all the way.

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Michael was the first in his family to get married and seemed pretty excited about his new bride, who he said he wanted to have natural hair. They both seemed driven and go-getters.

Meka was a little younger than Michael, but she also seemed to be excited about finding her husband, wanting everything to be perfect, and even breaking down about her dress being too big on their wedding day.

Apparently, things went south after the wedding because Mafsfan shared that not only did Michael file for an annulment, but the couple immediately separated after filming wrapped, and they never consummated their marriage.

Mafsfan Instagrm about Michael
Michael has reportedly filed for an annulment from Meka today. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Monsters and Critics tried to reach out in the state that the annulment was filed in, but was unable to obtain any information, being told that if the filing was today, the record would take a few days to appear to the public.

This season is turning out to be the season of break-ups. So far, three of the couples are reportedly not going to make it after decision day. Here’s to hoping that the last two couples survive being married to a stranger.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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