Brandon Donlon speaks about nailing Survivor goal, suffering a panic attack in Fiji

Brandon Survivor 45
Brandon Donlon got evicted second from the Survivor 45 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 45 said goodbye to Brandon Donlon in Episode 2.

Lulu Tribe is off to a rough start, losing people in the first two Tribal Councils.

Hannah Rose was the first person voted out. But everyone knows she technically quit.

Hannah gave an interview where she explained why she did it.

Lulu also lost the second Immunity Challenge, forcing them to meet up with Jeff Probst again.

As Survivor fans saw on Wednesday night, Brandon got voted out on a 3-0 vote.

Brandon accomplished a Survivor goal

Brandon has a good sense of humor about his time on Survivor 45.

In an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, he even joked about crying before they finished.

On Survivor 45, Brandon struggled a lot. That included doing poorly in a Reward Challenge where the tribes competed to get a flint, pot, and machete.

Brandon talked about suffering a panic attack while trying to complete a portion of that Marooning Challenge. It happened when he struggled to climb a ladder onto the boat.

Brandon noted that when he grabbed the wrong ladder rung and fell back into the water. Things became difficult because he was soaked and tired already. Then he heard Jeff Probst yelling, “Where’s Brandon?” from up on the boat.

“And that made me panic. I felt my body shut down. And the panic attacks that I’ve had, my hands freeze up,” Brandon explained.

“So Sean comes down, and we do the really beautiful handholding shot. He gets me up there and then I get to the mat and I black out. I have no memory beyond kind of getting up past the thing there,” Brandon elaborated.

Brandon accomplished a Survivor goal

Brandon wanted to “pawn” a Beware Advantage onto another castaway. He wanted someone to lose their vote, thus giving him an advantage at Tribal Council. He succeeded in that goal.

“I wanted to just find one [a Beware Advantage] and then pawn it off and see if somebody opened it. My biggest accomplishment in Survivor is that I got to do something that I had dreamed of doing when I watched it on TV,” Brandon explained.

Below is the full exit interview for Brandon Donlon. He also speaks about his Tribal Council plan, blacking out, and the puzzle that sealed his fate.

More to come from Survivor 45

The 90-minute episodes of Survivor will continue rolling out this fall.

Previous episodes are also available for streaming on Paramount+.

Two Survivor winners are also on The Traitors 2 cast. Stay tuned for those episodes.

Survivor 45 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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