Brandi Glanville teases RHOBH return with photo of her kissing Denise Richards lookalike [UPDATED]

Brandi shares photo kissing a blond on Twitter
Brandi post kissing photo with Denise Richards lookalike. Pic S_bukley/HollywoodNewsWir

Update: Brandi Glanville is now confirming that the woman she is kissing in the picture IS Denise Richards and not a lookalike.

Brandi Glanville is known for stirring the pot, and her most recent social media post is doing just that!

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member is gearing up to make her comeback this season, and her storyline has fans anticipating her return.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Glanville engaged in a sexual affair with her married RHOBH costar and former friend, Denise Richards.

The actress has vehemently denied these claims but Brandi is sticking by her story.

Despite no longer being a full-time cast member on the show, the 47-year-old is set to make a few appearances this season.

Her storyline will center around Denise and their alleged affair.

The Bravo show is set to return in July after a month-long hiatus, and now Brandi is giving fans something to talk about.

Who is Brandi kissing on Twitter?

A few hours ago, Glanville posted a photo on Twitter.

The image is quite dark and seems to have been taken at night, but it shows her kissing a woman.

The person in the photo has long blond hair and only one side of her face is shown, but she shares a resemblance to Denise Richards.

Brandi post kissing photo of Denise Richards Lookalike
Pic credit:@Brandiglanville/Twitter

If you look closely the two are actually kissing each on the cheek, but at first glance, it seems a bit more scandalous than it actually is.

However, fans quickly noticed the similarities between the woman and Denise Richards and many felt that Brandi was trying to stir the pot.

 Twitter bashes Brandi for kissing photo

Some people on Twitter were quick to respond to Brandi’s post.

One user asked the RHOBH alum to “stop” because it’s making her look bad.

User responds to Brandi Glanville
Pic credit:@JesseBeltran75/Twitter

Meanwhile, some users had one word for the mom-of-two — “messy.”

User calls Brandi Messy
Pic credit:@MonicaUsrey/Twitter
User calls Brandi Glanville messy
Pic credit:@MeTawlk/Twitter
Twitter user calls the RHOB alum messy
Pic credit:@TheDumbestBroad/Twitter

After getting a lot of negative backlash for the tweet, the former Beverly Hills housewife tried to explain the reason for her post.

She noted that the woman in the photo is her neighbor, not Denise Richards.

Brandi also explained the kiss, saying she doesn’t like hugs, noting that kissing is her “love language.”

Brandi explains kissing photo
Pic credit:@BrandiGlanville/Twitter

Despite the explanation, fans weren’t buying it for one second.

The issue is that Brandi was trying to make fun of the situation for attention.

Brandi may have been playing around, but fans didn’t find it funny and chances are Denise Richards didn’t find any humor in her post either.

RHOBH will return on Wednesday, July 8 at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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