Bling Empire star Christine Chiu explains why she decided to join the show

Bling Empire star Christine Chiu explains her reasons for joining the Netflix show
Why did Christine Chiu join the cast of Bling Empire? Pic credit:Netflix

Christine Chiu is not the most likable cast member on Bling Empire, but she’s certainly one of the most memorable.

Truth be told, it’s hard to forget any of the unique personalities on the super popular Netflix show.

The rich and successful Asian-American cast members have all become overnight celebrities in their own right.

Each cast member had an interesting storyline, but unfortunately for Christine, she was painted as quite the villain.

But, the beauty has gained a legion of fans as well.

And ,she recently revealed why she decided to join the show.

Why did Christine Chiu join Bling Empire?

Christine Chiu recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson show to dish about Bling Empire as it continues to gain popularity on Netflix.

When asked why she decided to join the show, the newly-minted reality TV star noted that cultural diversity was an important factor in her decision.

“Well there is this great movement towards cultural diversity on both the big and small screen,” responded Christine.

“And when we were approached with this opportunity we were incredibly excited to participate as both a producer and on-camera talent to be able to tell these stories from an Asian perspective and to propel Asian voices and faces and stories on to the mainstream media.”

And fans have certainly been receptive towards the deeply cultural storylines that we’ve seen on the show, proving that TV viewers are indeed craving diversity.

Bling Empire tackled difficult topics

During her chat, the Bling Empire star continued to explain why she decided to become a cast member on the show.

“We did tackle a lot of difficult topics like infertility, adoption, identity that are difficult across any ethnicity,” noted Christine. “But I think set against a very traditional Asian-Eastern set of values and expectations it makes for an additional layer of complexity.”

Christine knows all too well about tackling tough topics as her storyline revolved around the difficult journey she went through with her husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu to conceive their first and only child.

Added to that was the backlash she faced from her husband’s parents who blamed her for their inability to conceive.

Interestingly it was Dr. Chiu that was the cause of their infertility issues, but Christine took the fall for her husband and was ostracized by his powerful family as a result.

Ultimately the couple conceived Baby G, but the process was not an easy one.

Nonetheless, the 38-year-old doesn’t seem to have any reservations about sharing her life with millions of people.

And hopefully, the show gets renewed for another season so that we can continue to see how her story continues to play out.

Season 1 of Bling Empire is currently streaming on Netflix.

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