Bling Empire: Christine Chiu ‘nervous’ that in-laws might watch the Netflix show

Bling Empire star Christine Chiu is hoping that her in-laws won't tune in to the show
Bling Empire star Christine Chiu does not want her in-laws to watch the show. Pic credit: Netflix

Fans on social media can’t stop talking about the newest Netflix reality show, Bling Empire.

It features a group of stunning and super-wealthy Asians and Asian-Americans living in Los Angeles.

And, it gives us a great mix of romance, friendships, family, and drama while showcasing several aspects of the Asian culture.

One memorable character on the show is Christine Chiu, who has been portrayed as somewhat of a villain.

However, the newly-minted Netflix star is making it known that she’s not happy with her portrayal on the show.

And, she’s nervous about what her in-laws will think.

Christine is nervous about her in-law’s seeing the show

During an interview with Us Weekly, the Bling Empire star opened up about the show.

Christine admitted that she is not looking forward to her in-laws watching the Netflix series.

“I am very nervous. I don’t know if they’ve watched it,” said the 38-year-old. “I’m hoping they don’t have Netflix, but who doesn’t have Netflix, right?”

Christine is the wife of Dr. Gabriel Chiu–whose lineage can be traced back to the Song Dynasty.

When Christine married into the Chiu family she was expected to have children, but when the couple had issues conceiving his parents blamed her.

Interestingly, Gabriel was the reason why they couldn’t conceive, but his wife took the fall for him.

Then, after going through the process of IVF the couple’s first child, Baby G was born.

Now that Christine has spilled the beans about all that transpired in her family, she’s nervous for her in-laws to see it play out on TV.

Christine does not like her portrayal on the show

During her chat with the media outlet, the Bling Empire star also admitted that she does not like how she has been portrayed on the show.

Many fans have bashed the married mom-of-one, for constantly bragging about her wealth.

Christine’s constant need to one-up her castmate, heiress Anna Shay did not sit well with Anna nor with viewers.

“I think the show really just showed one aspect of who I am. I think it really highlighted one slice of my personality, one slice of my life,” explained Christine.

“So, I would really love an opportunity to be able to show additional parts of my life, additional facets, and layers.”

The Netflix star noted that it was difficult to watch the scenes involve herself and Anna because “It’s never my intention to offend anyone or to cause tension or to hurt someone’s feelings.”

Christine added, “I can see that in some of the things that transpired, it could be misunderstood as that. … I regret hurting anyone’s feelings.”

Season 1 of Bling Empire is currently available on Netflix.

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