Blake Moynes admits Greg Grippo drama affected love story with Katie Thurston on The Bachelorette

After the dramatic exit of Greg Grippo, Blake Moynes admitted it affected his love story with The Bachelorette, Katie Thurston. Pic credit: ABC

Although Blake Moynes proposed to Katie Thurston on the finale of The Bachelorette, viewers didn’t know how it would end as the episode started with Katie crying on the floor after Greg Grippo’s dramatic exit.

While the Katie/Greg break-up is considered one of the worst in Bachelor history, Blake Moynes admitted it did ultimately affect his love story with Katie.

Blake Moynes admits Greg Grippo drama affected his love story with Katie

Opening up to Insider, Blake revealed, “I do think that the whole Greg thing did take away from the love story unfortunately.”

While Blake and Katie ended up engaged, it was the split from Greg Grippo that Bachelor Nation couldn’t stop buzzing about after the finale.

“It sucks that it was such a focal point for someone who didn’t actually end up with her,” he added.

Disclosing that Katie had warned him about the harsh break-up prior to it airing, “She was very upfront about the situation and prepared me for anything that she was going to say and really explained everything to me, so I was never surprised by anything.”

How he feels about Bachelor Nation saying it should have been Greg Grippo

While the finale focused on the aftermath of the split, it’s clear Bachelor Nation is torn on whether it would’ve been Greg at the end hadn’t he self eliminated.

“Unfortunately, it just kind of is what it is for people who think it should’ve been Greg. I guess you gotta wait and see,” the wildlife manager said. “But it’s not about that, right? Who cares about the viewers. We know what we have and that’s kind of what we’re riding on, especially coming out of this and finally being able to live a real-life now.” 

“When it comes down to it, if [Greg] was her guy, she would’ve left with him and she didn’t,” he continued. “So it doesn’t really concern me as much as I think it would for the average person.”

As of now, the newly engaged couple is taking things slowly as things can get complicated due to them being in different countries.

Do you think it still would’ve been Blake if Greg hadn’t self-eliminated?

The Bachelorette returns for Michelle Young’s season on Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC.

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Wade Wallace
Wade Wallace
2 years ago

I’m glad it wasn’t Greg. As I’ve stated before. Greg didn’t love her for her. He loved her when ever felt like it. He wanted to be in control of the love department. Just remember what she told Blake at the engagement spot. You love me for me and I never knew something like that existed. she wound up with the right man and their maturity shows it.