The Bachelorette viewers divided after Katie Thurston confronts Greg Grippo on ATFR

Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo film for ATFR
Bachelorette viewers debate whether they felt Katie Thurston or Greg were wrong during their fight on ATFR. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelorette viewers were split over the dramatic fight between Katie Thurston and ex Greg Grippo during the After The Final Rose special.

Bachelor Nation was looking forward to this moment ever since Katie and Greg’s explosive breakup.

Katie used the opportunity to speak her piece after watching the tumultuous breakup and reflecting on it.

Katie accused Greg of gaslighting her, not being ready for an engagement, and using the show to boost his acting career.

Greg doubled down on his claims that Katie shut down when he told her he loved her and wanted her to drop her role as Bachelorette for that moment.

While both agreed that they wished each other the best, it was clear that they were both holding onto some frustration over the matter.

Some viewers thought Katie was in the wrong

Some viewers felt that Katie went too hard on Greg during the After The Final Rose segment.

“Katie looks like total trash by blowing up greg,” one user tweeted. “She’s just embarrassed she watched herself back and realized she never was into Blake like she was greg and she had to pick him.”

One fan defends Greg Grippo on Twitter
Pic credit: @TheRealityBake/Twitter

One fan, in particular, took issue with how Katie used the word “gaslighting” to describe Greg’s behavior during their breakup.

They wrote, “Greg chose himself over your power plays does not mean he gaslighted you. Katie grow up!”

Another addressed the “coldness” that Greg observed from Katie during their breakup.

“Katie, your coldness when Greg opened up was awful…And of course a guy like Greg would have to leave. He was in pain,” the user stated.

One fan defends Greg Grippo on Twitter
Pic credit: @cindilongcal/Twitter

Yet another viewer referenced how she told Blake she loved him after saying she couldn’t say that to Greg yet.

“there are so many people not even listening to greg because they wanted katie to be right so badly,” they tweeted. “maybe he didn’t go about things the right way, but for her to basically tell him he’s number one and then turn around and get engaged to someone else????”

Others stood behind Katie and shot down Greg

Some members of Bachelor Nation felt Greg’s behavior during his breakup was toxic and cheered Katie on as she told him off.

One viewer stated that Katie had every right to feel the anger she felt during the ATFR special.

“I’m sorry, but all the people hating on @katiethurston right can sit down,” they wrote. “She did NOT gaslight or become a villain with Greg. She was mad and should be. And he gaslighted her WHILE she was venting. He kept say ‘I’m sorry you feel that way…'”

One fan defends Katie Thurston on Twitter
Pic credit: @carlygarrison87/Twitter

Another wrote, “Greg got everything he deserved,” along with a gif of Demi Burnett.

Other viewers spoke about how they felt the way handled their breakup was troubling.

“Katie didn’t respond the way Greg wanted her to and he threw a tantrum and insulted Katie and ran away,” one critic wrote. “He could have explained what he wanted from her. He came across as cruel and manipulative.”

One fan defends Katie Thurston on Twitter
Pic credit: @JeremyCShipp/Twitter

Another stated that “justifying Greg’s behavior” was “normalizing abusive relationships.”

One fan defends Katie Thurston on Twitter
Pic credit: @missnancee21/Twitter

Viewers are pretty evenly split on the Greg and Katie issue. Fortunately for Katie, she found love with Blake Moynes, and the two are still happily together.

Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c.

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