Blake Horstmann and Blake Moynes team up in matching outfits

Blake Moynes
Two Bachelor Nation Blakes linked up for a recent photo. Pic credit: ABC

Blake Horstmann and Blake Moynes have been two polarizing figures within Bachelor Nation.

The two Blakes built a friendship and recently displayed their bond in recent chummy photos.

Along with wearing identical outfits in their posts, they both enjoyed making puns and jokes surrounding their shared names.

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Blake Moynes and Blake Horstmann wear a matching set

Blake Moynes took to Instagram to share a photo with Blake Horstmann, as the two Blakes gave off tropical vibes. 

Blake and Blake wore identical outfits with only Blake Moynes’ necklace and a white cap that hid his recently shaved head, setting them apart. 

The outfits included a pin-striped collared shirt with a red floral print on the bottom that they both unbuttoned to show off their chest. They also wore matching shorts with the same pattern. 

In Blake Moynes’ post, the pair were surrounded by colorful flowers and vibrant greenery as they sat arm and arm with drinks in hand. 

Moynes made a pun referencing his and Horstmann’s shared name in his caption, writing, “shake & Blake baby.” 

Blake Hostmann also shared a photo from his time with Moynes in Miami Beach, Florida. 

Horstmann shared a standing-up photo to better show off their matching outfits, and he captioned the post, “2 Blakes 1 set.” 

Bachelor Nation stars react to Blake Horstmann and Blake Moynes’ posts 

Bachelor Nation stars and fans were happy to see the two Blakes together and flocked to the comments to react. 

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star James Bonsall wrote, “Just doodz,” to which Blake replied, “just doozies bonzy.”

The Bachelorette Season 17 star Brendan Quinn wrote, “1 Blake likes chest flow, the other doesn’t.” 

The Bachelor Season 24 star Victoria Paul commented, “who wears short shorts???? blakes.”

A Bachelor fan page pinpointed the Blakes exposed thighs, writing, “Suddenly I’m craving thighs for dinner.” 

Blake Horstmann made a Blake joke of his own in the comment section, writing, “2 Blakes make a right.” 

Blake Moynes' comment section
Pic credit: @blakemoynes/Instagram

Brendan Quinn also referred to The Bachelorette Season 17 star Connor Brennan who would often rock chest-baring shirts as well. 

Brendan wrote, “Guys are challenging [Connor Brennan] with a button off eh.” 

Blake Horstmann's comment section
Pic credit: @balockaye.h/Instagram

The Bachelorette Season 17 fan-favorite Michael Allio got a kick out of the Blakes’ post and complimented the outfits, writing “Nice set fellas” with a laughing emoji. 

Blake Horstmann responded to Michael, “I’ll get you one don’t worry.” 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC. 

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