Big Ed Brown says losing his dog Teddy was ‘one of the worst things that could happen’

Big Ed is sitting down opening up about his experiences in love in 90 Day Fiance.
Big Ed is opening up to viewers when it comes to his emotions. Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed has always been upfront about his feelings. From telling Rose about her bad breath to opening up about his heartbreak with Liz, Big Ed doesn’t hold back.

There have been several moments where Big Ed is shown opening up and even crying on the show, like when things didn’t work out with Rose and with his breakup with Liz. Understandably, the loss of Teddy is heart-wrenching, as Teddy remained a constant channel of love for Big Ed through all of his ups and downs of searching for love.

“I kept petting him, and he just kept looking at me that night, like he knew he was going somewhere,” Big Ed recalls.

Later that night, Big Ed woke up to find that Teddy had passed in his sleep. In a year full of loss and lessons learned, the last thing Big Ed, or anyone, needs is to lose their best friend.

“He was my life, he was my buddy, he went everywhere with me,” Big Ed sobbed on the latest episode of The Single Life.

Big Ed comes back stronger

Viewers love him or hate him, but his dog Teddy was always there to act as a platform of stability in his life. The adorable bond between them was undeniable through his reality TV appearances.

Big Ed has had his struggles, and we are not sure what is worse: his dating history or being deemed with the nickname of “No Neck Big Ed.” Although Big Ed reels in a lot of hateful comments, he has actually used his fame as a platform for not only income, but for taking a stance on bullying as well.

Where is Big Ed now?

Big Ed is now engaged to Liz and working on cultivating his relationship. Through the ups and downs of his search for love, he finally managed to nail something down.

90 Day: The Single Life is streaming now on Discovery+.

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1 year ago

I lost a Cat named Teddy in November.. I feel for this kind man.